Top Ten - July 20

If you’d like to help out in some area in the church contact Pastor John at

If you’re interested in a small group, contact Angelique at

1. Northgate 101 Classes This Summer The first three Sundays of August we are holding our membership classes. We’ll meet in Room 1 on Sunday morning at 9:30. Everyone is welcome to come and learn about the Free Methodist Church!

2. Hessler Scholarship There is a scholarship available through Northgate for students entering or attending a school that is a member of the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities. The scholarship is for up to $750.00 and is often matched by the college or university. To be eligible the student must be a regular attender of Northgate and have been a regular attender for at least 6 months. The application process is not difficult but must be completed by the end of July. If you would like to know more or to apply, contact Mark Logan at This scholarship was created in honor of Pastor Evan Hessler who served at Northgate from 1968-1979.

3. Playground Construction Thank you (1) so much to all the people who volunteered on the playground construction this week. We’ve made an incredible amount of progress because of your hard work stripping the bark from logs. In just a couple of weeks you should see elements of the playground being created and the goal is to have it ready to go by the September kickoff. If you’d like to help make this happen and need more information, please contact our lead constructor, Matt, at

4. Kid’s Summer Camp Thank you (2) to all of the many volunteers and staff members who put on an amazing Kid’s Camp this week. Just observing all that went into this made me appreciate our church so much, and I know from the enthusiasm of the kids who attended that it was a lot of fun for them. Our prayer is that this is just one of the many things we do that creates a foundation for a life with Jesus in the minds and hearts of the children who come here. Thank you everyone for your part in that.

5. Apple Tree Tags Thank you (3) to all who have taken a tag from the Apple Tree. There are just a few left. The Apple Tree is a ministry that is led by the Salvation Army and with which we assist when we take tags from the tree, purchase the necessary school supplies and return them here for delivery to the Salvation Army, which will then distribute them before the next school year begins to children who are in need of some extra assistance. The school supplies need to be returned by August 13. Thanks!

6. Trip Being Planned to See “Ruth” at FLN This November Angelique is putting together another trip for this Fall. This will be a dinner theater at Family Life Network in Bath where they are putting on a Sight and Sound production of “Ruth.” If you’d like to join the trip or need more information contact Angelique at
7. Volunteer Opportunities at Lydia’s Kitchen Looking for something to do this summer? Looking to serve others in need? Fun and fulfilling.  Calling all volunteers! High School Youth included! Lydia’s Soup Kitchen (Batavia) is in need of help over the summer. Give a little time in a 3-hour shift, different positions such as the kitchen, set up, prep food, cook, serve at the window or dishes. Contact for info Lydia- (585) 300-7995 or Robin Woodams- (585) 297-9676.

8. Men of Northgate, Save the Date Our second annual “Man Camp” will be September 1-2 (with some guys staying through the 3rd). Bring your camper, tent, or hammocks and enjoy the beauty of Northgate’s big backyard! Plan on joining us for a great time of fellowship, food, and relaxation. There is no age minimum or maximum. Cost is $20 per person with an immediate family max of $60 and covers all of your food. Registration will be available soon on our website or app. Questions - email

9. Bible Study on Monday Nights The “Digging Deeper” Bible study that meets at North on Monday nights at 6:30 is in a study of the book of Ecclesiastes. This is an Old Testament book that has a lot to say about life in modern times. Everyone is welcome! For more information contact Pastor Vern at

10. New Study on Sundays at 12:15 Pastor Vern is leading a summer book study on Sundays at 12:15 in Room 1 at North. We’re going to be studying the book The Case for a Creator by Lee Strobel. We’ll start our study this Sunday, July 23, and run through July and August. All are welcome to join in!

You Can Count on This – 1 Thessalonians 5:9 – For God did not appoint us to suffer wrath but to receive salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. (Read 1 Thessalonians 5:1-28)

We don’t like to talk about the wrath of God nearly as much as we like to talk about the love of God. I think that makes sense. I much prefer to share the good news that Jesus came in love to save sinners and to give us eternal life. But the natural extension of that good news is that we are saved from something… the wrath of God. God will not forever tolerate sin, and that is what God’s wrath is directed towards. When we come to the end of our lives here on earth, we will stand before God, either with the assurance that through Jesus and our faith in Him our sins are forgiven, or we will stand before God without being covered by the forgiveness of Jesus, and in that case, we will suffer the wrath of God against sin. (Romans 2:6-8; 5:9)

We may not like to talk about the wrath of God, but John the Baptist talked about it (Matthew 3:7, Luke 3:7); Jesus talked about it (Luke 21:23); John the Apostle talked about it (John 3:36 and throughout the book of Revelation); and Paul talked about it in many places. The fact is, we cannot ignore the truth that God will judge sin and those who reject the forgiveness He offers through Christ. The good news is that for those who accept salvation through Jesus Christ, we do not need to fear the wrath of God. “For God did not appoint us” (those who have put their faith in Jesus) “to suffer wrath but to receive salvation.” This really is good news. If we are in Christ – if we belong to Him – we can rest assured that when we face God we will be welcomed into His kingdom, and not condemned to suffer His wrath. Praise God.

When you’re not sure what you can count on in the world around you, know this: You can count on God keeping his word.  So read what God has to say in scripture!  And count on it.
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