Top Ten - April 13

If you’d like to help out in some area in the church contact Pastor John at

If you’re interested in a small group, contact Angelique at

1. “IF” Gathering The women’s “IF” Gathering is coming up next weekend – Friday April 21 and Saturday April 22. People have really enjoyed this conference in past years and we’re looking forward to this year’s conference too. It’s not too late to register, and you can do that on our website –

2. Rummage Sale The Early Birds Rummage Sale to benefit missions is being held on May 12 and 13. Items can be brought to our South Campus building (350 Bank St.) May 8-10 during the day. And if you’d like to volunteer to help out, please email the office at

3. Summit Weekend The “Summit Weekend” is coming up May 20 and 21. On that weekend we share some of the things God has been doing through our church and also what He is leading us forward to, and we do that as part of our regular worship services. Also, if you are a member of the church, we will be voting that weekend for Administrative Team and Nominating Team members.

4. Day of Caring As a staff we have participated in the United Way Day of Caring numerous times, but unfortunately, we won’t be able to do that this year, since there’s a scheduling conflict with our Conference’s Annual Meeting that many of us are required to attend. However, if anyone from the congregation wants to organize a team to join the Day of Caring, please let me know and we’ll help make that happen. The Day of Caring is on Thursday, May 11 and you can reach me at

5. Right Now Media If you’re new to Northgate or missed this in the past, we want you to know that we have a subscription to Right Now Media – a web-based video service offering thousands of videos on topics of interest to the Christian community. It’s free for you to use as a Northgate attender, but you do need a password. To get that contact Sherrie in the office at

6. Save the Dates There are some events coming up for which you may want to save the date.

  • The “IF” Gathering will be held here (by video) on Friday April 21 and Saturday April 22; Registration is available on the Northgate website
  • A young adults picnic is being planned for April 21 at the Pavilion/North
  • Northgate Rummage Sale – May 12-13 (Collections May 8-10)
  • Summit Weekend – May 20-21
  • Phyllis Sorter – a Free Methodist missionary who survived a kidnapping in Nigeria, will be with us June 21 at 6pm to share about her experience
  • Family Life Network Youth Theater Camp – At Northgate June 26-30
  • Kid’s Summer Camp at Northgate will take place from July 17 to July 21  
7. Pray First! Over 100 people of our church have joined in to read Pray First by Chris Hodges this Lenten season! Angelique also wants people to know that there is a Pray First app that you can download, and she has begun a Pray First Facebook group which anyone can join. To find it look for Angelique Spring and “friend” her or email her at

8. Midweek Group Will Be Discussing “The Chosen” On Wednesdays, Robin Woodam’s midweek Bible study will be viewing and discussing episodes of “The Chosen.” Please note this is a women’s only group. If you’d like to join them, they meet at 2pm in Room 1 at North. And for more information you can contact Angelique at

9. Listening to the Language of the Bible Rick and Sara Kent are leading a study of some Hebrew words that Jesus would have used, which, by understanding their meaning better will enrich our understanding of the Bible. This is a fun and informative study and it meets on Sundays at 9:30. For more information contact Angelique at

10. Phyllis Sorter is Coming to Share Her Story Phyllis Sorter was serving as a Free Methodist Missionary in Nigeria in 2015 when she was kidnapped. She was eventually released and is sharing the story of how God looked after her throughout her ordeal. She will be doing that here at Northgate on Wednesday June 21. We hope you’ll join us for a wonderful time of worship and testimony at 6pm that evening!

You Can Count on This – Philippians 2:3-4 – Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others. (Read Philippians 2:1-30)

These are verses that all of us as followers of Jesus need to regularly refer to, memorize, and do our best with the help of the Holy Spirit to live out day to day. It’s way too easy to be selfishly ambitious and to let our egos rule us. It’s challenging to be humble, to value others above ourselves and to care about others as much as we care about ourselves. But this is the life that Jesus calls us to and with His help we can live it out.

It's also important to recognize what God is not saying here. He is not saying that it’s wrong to be ambitious – to want to accomplish things or be promoted. We should want to become as skillful as we can be with our gifts, and to do all that we can with them. Paul, the person who wrote these verses, was very ambitious about spreading the gospel and raising up leaders and doing all that he could do for the kingdom. But he didn’t do any of that with “selfish” ambition. He was not looking for more personal glory, but he was looking to bring more glory to Christ. He sacrificed on numerous occasions his own self interests in order to look to the interests of others, most importantly, the need for people to hear about Jesus.

In the verses following these Paul points us to Jesus, who was the supreme example of One who led through humility, valued others above Himself and had others’ interests always on His mind and in His heart. Praise God that He did!

When you’re not sure what you can count on in the world around you, know this: You can count on God keeping his word.  So read what God has to say in scripture!  And count on it.
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