Pastor Vern's Top Ten

1. “Not Pizza” With the Pastors  This Sunday, after the second service at North, everyone is invited to spend a few minutes with the pastors in Room #1. People who are new to Northgate are especially invited to share a few snacks and get to meet the pastors and ask questions about the church. We plan to hold this “meet and greet” time every third Sunday around 12:15 so if you can’t make this one, perhaps plan to come next month.

2. Legacy Journey Class Rick and Sara Kent will be leading a Legacy Journey class focusing on financial health. The class will meet on Sundays at 9:30am and it’s suggested that participants have attended Financial Peace University at some point. This is a video/discussion group and Rick and Sara will be covering the following topics:
•October 17 "Snares and Dares"
•October 24 "The Pinnacle Point"
•November 7 "The Law of Great Gain"
•November 14 "Safeguarding your Legacy"
•November 21 "Generational Legacy
•December 5 "Called to Generosity"
For more information contact Pastor Marsha at

3.  It’s Time for Another Kto4 Movie Night Parents are invited to bring their children in grades Kto4 to the North Campus on Saturday October 16 for the next Kids Movie Night. This is your chance to worship or go to dinner or just hang out together while the kids are cared for by our Children’s Ministry Team.  The doors open at 5:30pm and for more information you can contact Leah at

4. Disc Golf is ComingDid you see the nice article in The Batavian about the disc golf course that is being designed in the back of our property? Pastor Daniel is working with some local disc golf players to create this course, which should be ready to go in the spring of next year. Disc Golf is a popular game played all over the world, and we’re excited to be able to offer this to our community. If you have any questions about this, or about what other plans we have for the property (like the playground that is being developed!) please contact one of the pastors.

5. “Out of the Whirlwind” This is a new study being offered in October on Tuesdays at 6:30 (North Campus).  Pastor Chris and Pastor Marsha will be leading it and the focus will be on the book of Job.  Please sign up on the website or contact Pastor Chris or Pastor Marsha if you’d like more information.

6. Hymn Sing On October 19 at 6pm our Caregivers Team is hosting a hymn sing at our South Campus. Hymnals will be provided, and people will be invited to request a favorite hymn to be sung. For many of us this will be like visiting an old friend as we sing songs that have played a part in our Christian life, and for others it may be an opportunity to hear and learn some “new to you” music!  Everyone is invited to attend and join together for some good fellowship.

7. Gahanda Sanctuary Update A few weeks ago we talked about the sanctuary project that is underway in our Connected Community of Gahanda, Rwanda. Due in part to our sponsorship of children there, the Gahanda Free Methodist Church is growing, and they are designing a new sanctuary to accommodate that growth. The cost of the new sanctuary is about $25,000 and due to the generosity of many we currently have raised $18,000 of that! Thank you so much for partnering together to serve the people of Gahanda and spread the good news of Jesus!

8. Mothers Of Preschoolers (MOPS) MOPS is meeting this Fall in person! The group held a kickoff service this past Wednesday and there is a wonderful year planned.  One change to note is that MOPS will be meeting at our North Campus this year (8160 Bank St. Rd. Batavia) and meetings will be held on the 2nd Wednesday in the morning and the 4th Wednesday in the evening.  For more information contact Pastor Marsha.

9. Summer 2022 Mission Trip Being Planned Pastor Daniel is in the beginning stages of organizing a summer 2022 mission trip to Gyor, Hungary. He will be looking to take 5 or 6 people with him, including youth, and this team will be providing a Vacation Bible School for a group of kids at an orphanage in Gyor. Some of us did a similar trip a few years ago and I can tell you that it was a wonderful time of ministry. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Dan:

10.  Game Nights Are Coming Soon Pastor Daniel is getting ready to host some game nights at South, beginning on Monday, October 18 from 6-8pm and occurring each week at the same time. A variety of board games will be provided, and people of all ages are invited to come and bring a friend. This is a great time to get to know some new people and form more connections in the Northgate family.

To learn more about these opportunities, or to suggest an idea for a group or a gathering, or to inquire about reserving space at the church or the pavilion you can always email the office ( or call 343-4011. You can check out our website too (


You Can Count on This – Romans 1:25 – They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator – who is forever praised. (Read Romans 1:18-32)

If you are not familiar with the book of Romans it might be helpful for you to know (especially if you have read along in the book of Acts) that Romans is a book of theology, much different than the book of Acts, which contained a lot of narrative- stories about what was happening in the church. This makes Romans at times a challenging book to read, because we’ll be asked to think deeply about our faith and beliefs as we go through it.

The verse quoted above is an example of the theology that Paul will bring out in Romans. He is making reference to the fact that although the reality of and evidence for God is plain to anyone willing to look, many people have chosen to deny Him. Instead, they “exchange the truth about God for a lie, serving created things rather than the Creator.”

It’s not hard to see that this could well describe our world as much as it described Paul’s. We make idols of “created things” like money, houses, sports, appearance, celebrities, etc., worshiping them instead of worshiping the God who made us. Earlier in this chapter Paul says that when we do this, we fail to glorify God, or even thank Him, and our entire way of thinking becomes corrupted.

I try to maintain a positive, hopeful, cheerful attitude day to day, but sometimes that’s difficult for me. It’s especially difficult when I read passages like this from scripture and think to myself that these words are so true and do so much reflect our world. A lack of appreciation for God. An elevation of the importance of created things beyond the level of importance they ought to have for us. And the consequences of that. Paul isn’t going to hold back as he lets us know there are consequences for that. We’ll see that as we read through Romans. God is going to hold each of us accountable for what we do with Him. Which is why we need to share the good news of Jesus with others, and why we need to encourage one another to remain faithful to Jesus.

This past weekend I shared a story about a friend who prays this in the morning: “Lord, bring someone to me today who needs to know about you.” I’m seeking to make this one of my daily prayers. I encourage all of us to do the same!

When you’re not sure what you can count on in the world around you, know this: You can count on God keeping his word.  So read what God has to say in scripture!  And count on it.

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