Northgate Free Methodist Church


There is something about a group of people singing together. It’s a little strange. It really is. Unless you are at a concert, baseball game or birthday party you generally will not find a group of people singing together. But why do we, as a church, sing? Well first of all it is part of our history and tradition. From King David to Martin Luther to Fanny Crosby, men and women have expressed their thoughts, whether in times of distress or joy through the power of music. Music seems to tap into a deeper part of our being that words alone could never express. In Psalms 21:13 David writes, “We will write songs to celebrate your mighty acts”. It has been said that music is the language of the soul. We believe that to be true.

Worship arts at Northgate includes:
Musicians- Vocals, drums, electric guitar, bass, cello, and keyboard
*There is an audition process that takes place before each season begins
Tech Team- Video screen operator, lighting operator, live sound engineer, service director, stage crew


Northgate has adopted a six-month season commitment. After serving six months there will be an opportunity to renew your commitment for another season. This system helps guarantee that the team functions at its highest quality, ensuring that all members are giving 100% while serving on the team.
Season 1: September-February
Season 2: March – August

Feel free to email the worship arts department by emailing