Northgate Free Methodist Church


Are the 10 Commandments an archaic set of rules that no longer applies to us, or a standard created by God that would endure for all of human history? In this series we will unpack each commandment and how walking the line that God gave to Moses thousands of years ago can lead us to live a better life today.


No Other Gods

Takeaway: Stop wavering between two opinions. If the Lord is God, follow him. WATCH | LISTEN

Worship The Right Way

Takeaway: When we worship God correctly he gets glorified, we get to know his love and others get blessed WATCH | LISTEN

Rightly Using God’s Name

Takeaway:The way we use God’s name reflects our level of respect for God WATCH | LISTEN

Keep the Sabbath Holy

Takeaway:What are two changes that you can make today to prioritize Sabbath rest in your life? WATCH | LISTEN

Honor Your Father and Mother

Takeaway:Parents acting honor-ably and their children showing honor to their parents is the vision of the family we are asked to make a reality. WATCH | LISTEN

Do Not Murder

Takeaway:You don’t have to allow anger to rob you or others out of life. WATCH | LISTEN

Do Not Commit Adultery

Takeaway:Write the story that you want your children to hear when they are adults. WATCH | LISTEN

Do Not Steal

Takeaway:If any area of your life is lacking complete integrity, it is imperative that you immediately fix it. WATCH | LISTEN

Do Not Lie

Takeaway:How can you begin to live a more truthful life? WATCH | LISTEN

Do Not Covet

Takeaway:Give up coveting in exchange for contentment WATCH | LISTEN