4 Things to Be Aware Of…


30 Thanksgiving Bags Are Going Out to Migrant Families This Saturday – Rosalina Vanegas is organizing this act of love again this year.  On Saturday, November 21 we will deliver to 30 migrant families living in our area grocery bags with everything necessary for a Thanksgiving meal.  If you’d like to sponsor one of these meals, just indicate “Thanksgiving Meal” on your check.  Thank you!


There’s a Saturday Night Bible Study and Everyone is Welcome – On Saturday night after the 6pm service there’s a small group/Bible study meeting in Room 2/3.  Everyone is welcome to attend, whether or not you attend the Saturday evening service.


Please register!The good news is that the attendance at our worship services has been increasing and we’ve been seeing new people and visitors!  The bad challenging news is that our 9:30 service on Sunday has been nearing capacity.  It helps a lot if people can pre-register – we don’t ever want to turn someone away from worship, or need to have them use an overflow room, especially if they are new to Northgate.  Also, please know that our Saturday 6pm service has plenty of room in it and the 11am service on Sunday has more room than the 9:30 service right now.  If you want to preregister to attend any service just go to our Northgate website, northgatefmc.com, or call the church office Monday – Thursday from 9-4 (343-4011).  And thanks!


Let Us Know How We Can Minister to YouAs your pastors and ministry leaders we want you to know that we always love to hear from you and we especially love to know how we can pray for you and with you!  Please do not hesitate to contact us.  Our pastors and ministry leaders contact information can be found at http://northgatefmc.com/about/ or send prayer concerns to prayer@northgatefmc.com.


Ten Things To Do…


  1. Participate in the “Great Day of Giving Offering” This WeekendEvery year at Thanksgiving time we like to bless others through a special offering, which this year we will take on November 21 & 22. This offering is normally divided between a capital project here at Northgate, local human service organizations and world missions.  This year, we want to forgo the capital project piece and give all of the offering away to local and world missions.  So 1/3 of the offering will to Free Methodist world missions, and the remaining 2/3 will be distributed among four local agencies.  Those four agencies are:


    • Justice for Children – “Justice for Children was founded upon the belief that every child is entitled to a zealous advocate to fight for their safety. When the system fails to provide such advocacy, we will.”
    • Lighthouse Station – A Christian maternity home in Warsaw meeting the “spiritual, physical, educational and emotional needs of pregnant and post-partum women.”
    • Gateway Home – “An empathetic and loving comfort care home for the terminally ill” located in Attica.
    • Project Stork – An organization in Oakfield that is “addressing the basic human needs of infants and toddlers, specifically in Orleans and Genesee Counties, while impacting maternal mental health and wellness within the household.”


  1. Help With the Ministry at Crossroads HouseThe recent newsletter from Crossroads House (a comfort care home in Batavia) contains a list of items they could use. The list includes things like air freshener spray, applesauce & pudding cups, Murphy’s Oil Soap, Windex, copier paper, trash bags and more.  To see the whole list and to talk with someone about how you can help with their wish list, go to this webpage: https://www.crossroadshouse.com/wishlist


  1. Come to Base or Ember!Middle School students are encouraged to check out Base which is meeting on Monday nights from 6-8pm at our South campus. And if you’ve aged out of high school you’re invited to Ember which meets on Wednesday mornings at 9:15 at Pub Hub Coffee and Monday Nights at 8:30pm at South Campus.  This is a gathering of people in their 20s.  For more information contact Pastor Daniel at daniel@northgatefmc.com.


  1. Help the Salvation Army With Gift DistributionArbor House and Northgate are excited to offer assistance to the Salvation Army of Batavia with their Angel Tree gift distribution this year! We are in need of volunteers to assist with this program.  Packing dates for gifts will take place on December 7-12 and 14-19.  Gift distribution will take place on December 21-23.  You can sign up for a three hour increment for any of the days.  Signing up for multiple days is encouraged!  All volunteering will take place at the South Campus. Sign up for a time slot at northgatefmc.com.


  1. Learn to Pray With More ConfidenceOn Wednesday nights at 7pm, in the Northgate North sanctuary, Pastor Marsha is leading a group in prayer. During the first part of the hour Pastor Marsha is teaching on some aspect of how to pray, and then the rest of the time is spent praying.  If you’ve found it difficult to pray or want to learn how to pray more confidently, this is a wonderful place to do just that!


  1. Deal With a Hurt, Habit or Hang-upCelebrate Recovery meets every Thursday evening at 6:30 (including any and all holidays that fall on a Thursday, unless there is a serious snow storm) at our North Campus. Our CR leaders guide and assist those of us who are gaining joy and freedom in Christ as we apply the 12 Steps of Celebrate Recovery to the hurts, habits and hang-ups we all struggle with. All are welcome! We believe anyone and everyone would benefit by attending this group, where we allow God to transform our lives. We are able to share openly and honestly about our struggles with people we come to trust, who will maintain confidentiality, and who will not judge us. For more info, go to: https://northgatecr.weebly.com/


  1. Make Someone’s Christmas a Lot BrighterWe love to support the work of the Salvation Army and at Christmas time we have some great opportunities to do that. We will again be putting up an Angel Tree in our lobby, and Arbor House is going to be a host site for the distribution of gifts for the Salvation Army.  In addition, we have reserved a day for Northgaters to ring the bells.  There are some restrictions though: only one individual is allowed to ring the bell (no couples or families – sorry) and we only have 8 slots available.  We’ll be ringing at Tops Market on December 12 from 11am – 7pm.  You can sign up by calling the office (343-4011) or clicking on this link: https://northgatefmc.churchcenter.com/registrations/events/610181


  1. “Gather ’Round” As We Head Into the Christmas SeasonOn Friday, December 4 you are invited to join us for a wonderful Christmas concert at Northgate. The concert will be a live worship event in our sanctuary, but seating will be limited. We will be livestreaming it, though, and encourage people to set up watch parties to view it together at home.  Registration will be needed for those who want to attend in person and more information will be available soon.  Childcare for all ages is available for this event.  It will be a “pajama-movie night party!”


  1. Pray For Our Missionaries in HungaryFrom the latest letter from our FM Missionaries in Hungary: “The total lockdown (due to COVID) was lifted in June… but with the recent resurgence of the virus as of November 1 the lockdown has been reinstated. We are thankful for the faithfulness of our leaders during these challenging times. Pray that we would be able to find more ways to connect with people, especially retirees, who have been isolated at home for months and are experiencing loneliness and depression.”  Thank you for your prayers for Larry and Katie Winckles in Budapest.


  1. Give a Virtual Christmas BoxAnother way you can bring joy to some children at Christmastime this year is to give to the Virtual Christmas Box program. This program is an outreach of our Free Methodist Church in Bulgaria. We gather and send to them the funds needed to purchase hats, gloves, candy, a small gift and a presentation of the gospel.  The missionary team in Bulgaria purchases the items locally (which helps their local economy) and creates tailor-made gift boxes for the children of their community.  We will be setting up a table in the lobby soon to enable you to participate in this outreach.  Thanks!


You Can Count on This – Acts 1:15 – In those days Peter stood up among the believers (a group numbering about a hundred and twenty… (Read Acts 1:12-26)


It is estimated that there are some 2.3 billion Christians in the world today. Let the enormity of that sink in! From about 120 Christians at the start to 2.3 billion now. How did that happen? The answer to that is too long and complex to give here, covering as it does almost 2000 years of history. But we know how Christianity grew in the early days. It grew because the first Christians took seriously Jesus’ commandment to love others. It grew because those same Christians devoted themselves to taking seriously the ethical and moral teachings of Jesus. And it grew because they proclaimed with total confidence that Jesus had died on a cross and been resurrected from the dead.


How do I know this is what was responsible for the growth of Christianity in the first century? Because the book of Acts tells us that. Acts is a history of the church in the decades after Jesus’ resurrection. And in the pages of Acts we read about the love the Christians had for others and how they showed that love. We also read repeatedly about their belief in the resurrection. (See Acts 1:22, 2:31, 4:2, 4:33, 17:18 and 24:15 for example.) See, when you have heard a man say he’s going to die and be resurrected, and then he is, you tend to take seriously everything else he said, like how we should love each other and live holy lives. That’s what the early Christians did and that’s why the church grew. And that’s how the church will grow today.


When you’re not sure what you can count on in the world around you, know this: You can count on God keeping his word.  So read what God has to say in scripture!  And count on it.