Note: Christmas is coming! Christmas Eve weekend services will be as follows:

  • Saturday, 6pm at North – Worship service led by our Arbor House team
  • Sunday (Christmas Eve), 10am at North – One morning service led by Arbor House
  • Sunday (Christmas Eve), 5pm Family Service; 7 & 11pm Candlelight/Communion Services


  1. Thank you Greg and JackieThis weekend we say, “See you later” to Pastor Greg and Jackie as they obey God’s call to move to Virginia to be near their children and grandchildren. We’ll honor them in the services and after each service with refreshments. Please take a moment to let them know how much they mean to you and to wish them well on the next leg of their journey with the Lord. We know God is not done doing wonderful things through them!


  1. Volunteer Appreciation NightThis Tuesday, November 21st, from 6-8pm, we are inviting anyone who volunteers or serves at Northgate in any capacity to come to the Café at North for some staff-prepared food, fellowship and fun. This is a “come and go as you need to” event, but we hope you’ll stay for at least a little while and get to know some new friends, and catch up with others, while being appreciated by the staff for all you do. Northgate is a healthy and strong church because of you, our volunteers, and we want to say “Thank you!”


  1. Operation Christmas Child – Thank you to everyone who packed a box (or two or three!). We’ve heard some wonderful stories of people reaching out to non-churched friends to get involved – how cool is that! This weekend the boxes will be loaded into bigger boxes, and taken to a local distribution center (The Assembly of God Church). If you can help with the packing or the loading or the transporting stick around after the 11am service. Thanks!


  1. Great Day of Giving This Weekend – We’ll be receiving our special offering this weekend, 2/3rds of which goes to local and world missions, with the last 1/3rd going to a capital project here at Northgate. This year part of the offering will be given to Hope Haven (an inpatient alcohol/drug treatment program at the St. Jerome building), Men’s Warehouse (a men’s and children’s ministry led by Jon Andre and others) and Mercy Flight. Northgate always gives generously to this offering and it’s a real blessing to others. Thank you for being part of it.


  1. Cancer Care Ministry Training – Northgate will hold a Cancer Care Ministry Training from January 9th through February 27th 2018.  This 8 week training will be held on Tuesday evenings from 6:30-8:30. These classes are for individuals looking to serve those living with cancer.  To sign up or for more information please email



  1. Care TeamNorthgate has a wonderful team of laypeople who make it their primary mission to care for others. They pray, take meals, do visits, send cards, make calls and in these ways and others they try to ensure that people with a physical, spiritual or emotional need are cared about. This is a critical ministry in our church and we are thankful to Karen VanWyngaarden for leading it. If you’d like to be involved, know more about the Team, or have a need you want them to know about, you can contact Karen at


  1. Snow CampNext Gen Director Dan Calkins has booked Circle C camp for January 19-21, 2018. Snow Camp is for all young people between 12 and 18 years old. The cost is $94 and that includes all activities, food and lodging for the weekend. Registrations will need to be received by January 14th. For more information please contact Dan at


  1. BASE/Parent MeetingBASE is our Wednesday night program for 5th through 9th grade kids and meets at the South Campus at 6:00pm every other week. (Senior Teens meet on Sunday night – contact Dan for information on that.) The next gathering of BASE is on Wednesday, November 22nd. This year’s BASE is off to a really good start and we’d love to see more people get involved. For more information on BASE or our other opportunities for youth or if you missed the Parents’ Meeting this past week, you can contact our Next Generation Director, Daniel Calkins at and he’ll be glad to help you out.


  1. Welcome to New Members/Congratulations to All Who Were Baptized or DedicatedOver the past few weekends it’s been our pleasure to see people baptized, children dedicated, and new members received. Congratulations to all! Welcome to new members Faye, Bea & Pat, Eric & Katie, Marianne & Bob, Dan & Jamie, Eric & Dody, Todd & Kathy, Carla, and Dan & Allison. And congratulations to Joe, Kim, Easton, Alex, Marianne, Sebastian, Jordyne, Jake, Brayden and Connor on your baptisms and Evalina and Kayson on your dedications.


  1. Save the Date – You might want to make a note on your calendar (paper or digital) to save Friday night, December 1st for a Christmas Concert at Northgate North with Brothers McClurg and special guest speaker Mark Buchanan. Mark is a well-published Christian author and he will be spending the weekend with us. The concert begins at 7pm, but we’re planning some special things for before the concert too. Stay tuned!


You Can Count on This – Matthew 14:23 – “After he had dismissed them he went up on a mountainside by himself to pray. Later that night, he was there alone.” (Read Matt. 14:22-36)

Daily devotions. It’s a phrase that can make you excited, thankful, anticipatory, nervous or guilty. Ok – let’s admit the feelings, and then, whatever they are, get to it again! Taking time every day to read scripture, pray and be quiet with God for even 15”, purposefully set aside, can make a huge difference in our spiritual health and relationship with Jesus. If you’ve missed some days, stop feeling guilty, and start now!

When you’re not sure what you can count on in the world around you, know this: You can count on God keeping his word. So read what God has to say in scripture! And count on it.