1.  Group Life: 40 Days of CommunityHere’s an invitation from Pastor Marsha…

Prepare to begin the New Year with a fresh perspective and maybe even some new friends!  Starting January 8th & 9th, Northgate will be engaging in a 6-week series called Woven: 40 Days of Community. Along with the weekly messages, we will learn to fulfill God’s purposes for our lives by growing together in small groups.

If you have been wondering, waiting, or wanting to be part of a Northgate group but haven’t known how or where to plug in, this 6-week stretch will provide a wonderful opportunity! Watch for sign-ups in the lobby and online in the month of December.

If you feel led to open your home for these 6 weeks and/or to facilitate the meetings (at your home or another location), all materials will be provided.

Informational meetings for new small group leaders will be held Sunday, Dec. 9th at 11 a.m. in Meeting Room 4, and Tuesday, Dec. 4th at 6 p.m. in the Northgate Cafe. Please attend one of these meetings if you are interested in leading a Woven small group for 6 sessions starting the week of Jan. 9th. Contact Pastor Marsha with questions: marsha@northgatefmc.com or 585-343-4011.

2.  Community Life: FED Talks at Arbor HouseCome to Arbor House 11/29 at 6pm for a simple meal and a talk on “Faith in Your Twenties” led by Gerry Coleman and Wally Fleming. For more information contact Pastor Gloria at gloria@northgatefmc.com.

3.  Mission Life: Great Day of GivingPlease remember our Great Day of Giving offering this weekend (November 17thand 18th). This year portions of that offering will go to the YWCA,Genesee County Victims Advocacy Centerand an Immigration Law Clinic at New Hope FM Church in Rochester.  Another portion will go to supplant our giving to FM World Missions.

4.  Community Life: Donut DeliveryOur Christmas Eve donut deliver will kick off at 11am on 12/24. You can sign up to deliver donuts to people who have to work on Christmas Eve by going to the Information Desk.

5.  Worship Life: Special Advent CelebrationWe’re planning a special Advent celebration for Saturday, December 8thfrom 5-8pm. Everyone is invited to this special Saturday night service, which will include food, music, a Christmas tree lighting, hayride and a message.  Let’s join together in welcoming in the Christmas season, and our celebration of Jesus’ birth!

6.  Mission Life: Christmas GivingHere are some ways to share and give this Christmas.

  • Angel Treeministry– Tags with the children’s wishes will be available Nov. 25thand Dec. 2ndon the Angel Tree at both campuses! Collection dates are 12/22 & 29.


  • Virtual Christmas Gift Box – (Free Methodist ministry in Bulgaria). Learn more about this at http://virtualchristmasgiftbox.com/ or stop by the Information Desk.  This program is a simple way to help our FM missionaries spread the gospel in Bulgaria. You can learn more about our work in Bulgaria here: http://fmcusa.org/fmmissions/bulgaria/


7.  Group Life: Coffee TalkPastor Vern will host the next Coffee Talk on November 21stat 6pm (at North).These informal gatherings are designed to give family members and others who love someone with an addiction or mental illness a place for support.  To learn more, contact Brandon at bswitzer8165@yahoo.comor Pastor Vern (vern@northgatefmc.com).

8.  Community Life: Women’s JourneyThe Wednesday night women’s bible study will begin an Advent Study on 11/28 at 7pm. The study is called “Awaiting the Already – An Advent Journey Through the Gospels” by Magrey deVega.  Please contact Cricket Johnson @ 585-815-5356 or cricket@2ki.netto sign up so books can be ordered by 11/19. Thanks!

9.  Mission Life: SEED Table ComingSupport people coming to Christ through the work of FM missionaries by purchasing gift items they have produced. This year the SEED table will be set up the weekend of December 8thand 9that both campuses.

 10.  Community Life: “Come Alive Women’s Ministry”– DATE CHANGE– 11/30 – 6-8PM – NORTH CAFÉ; The women of Northgate (and their friends) are invited to a craft night, Thursday, November 29th. For more information contact the office at 343-4011 or Allison@northgatefmc.com.

You Can Count on This – Mark 15:21 -A certain man from Cyrene, Simon, the father of Alexander and Rufus, was passing by on his way in from the country, and they forced him to carry the cross. – (Read Mark 15:21-47)

“Why me?”  I wonder if Simon asked himself that question when the soldier ordered him to take up Jesus’ cross?  How often do we ask that same question, when we are faced with the choice of whether or not we will take up a cross, and follow Jesus (Luke 9:23)? A better question, perhaps, is what caused Jesus to take up that cross in the first place?  The simple answer… love.  Love for you and love for me.  May it be our love for him, a response to his love for us, that moves us to follow him, cross in hand.

When you’re not sure what you can count on in the world around you, know this: You can count on God keeping his word.  So read what God has to say in scripture!  And count on it.