1. Have a “Grace-Filled Marriage”Pastor Vern and Pastor Gloria would like to invite all married couples to spend 8 Sunday nights focusing on having the kind of marriage God wants for us. Using a series called “Grace-Filled Marriage” we’ll spend 25-30 minutes learning about some aspect of this kind of marriage, and then 30-40 minutes discussing among ourselves what we’ve learned. We start Sunday, June 3rdfrom 6pm – 7:15pm.  Childcare will be provided.  (Note: We’ll skip June 10thso everyone can attend “Celebrate the Sent” – see #7).  Please sign up via the Connect Cards or at the Information Desk and for more information contact pastors Vern or Gloria (vern@northgatefmc.comor gloria@northgatefmc.com)


  1. Genesis Annual ConferenceAnnual Conference will be held at Pearce Memorial Church on May 24thand 25th. We are excited to announce that on the evening of the 24th, beginning at 7pm, an Ordination Service will be held and three of our people will be a part of it.  Pastor Chriswill be ordained as an Elder, and Daniel Calkins and Steven Emanuelewill become Conference Ministerial Candidates!  Everyone is welcome to attend the service and congratulate Chris, Steven and Daniel.


  1. Mission UpdateJulie Worthington got our Missions Planning Team off the ground 2 years ago (thank you Julie!) and this past week she turned the reins of the Team over to Angelo Dispenza. God has been at work in Angelo’s life, stirring a passion for missions and we welcome him to this position.  If you are being stirred to be involved in local and/or global missions, you’re welcome to attend the next meeting of the Team: Sunday, May 20th (12:30pm at North). And feel free to contact Angelo at angelo_dispenza2002@yahoo.com


  1. Movie Night – “Tortured for Christ”Friday, May 18th, we will be showing the film “Tortured for Christ” which depicts the life of Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, the founder of the Voice of the Martyrs, who was imprisoned and tortured in Romania while sharing the gospel. To attend the showing you can purchase a ticket at https://www.tugg.com/events/tortured-for-christ-movie-syo3or get one the night of the movie at the church. Tickets are $5.00.  PLEASE NOTE: This film is not appropriate for young children.  We suggest children be at least 5thgrade level and we encourage parents to watch the film with their children if possible.  To learn more about the film you can visit this link: https://www.torturedforchrist.com/about/about-the-movie/or contact Daniel Calkins at daniel@northgatefmc.com


  1. God Does Have a Sense of HumorWould you believe it? After admitting this weekend that I am a procrastinator and that deadlines are good for me, I opened my email on Monday morning to find this article: “How to Become an Expert At Planning Deadlines.” It’s true!  (At some point I may get around to reading that article.)


  1. Foxe’s Book of MartyrsI mentioned in the message this weekend that a worthwhile book to read (really browse through – it’s lengthy!) is Foxe’s book recounting the lives and deaths of Christian martyrs over the years. You can read it for free on the Internet. Here’s one source where you can do that: http://www.ccel.org/f/foxe/martyrs/home.html


  1. “Celebrate the Sent”You may want to save the date of June 10th, from 6-8pm. That Sunday night we are planning to hold a gallery showing of Mark Logan’s photos from Rwanda, along with a time of sharing from Northgaters who have gone on missions trips this year.  We’re also planning some type of dessert/fundraising event for that night. This will be a wonderful time of celebrating the good things God is doing through us and we hope you’ll be able to come.


  1. Do You Have a God Story to Tell? – UpdateWe’ve heard from four people with stories to tell, and we’re going to be working on getting those stories recorded so we can share them, to encourage others in our church. We’d love to have more to share, so if you have a testimony, a story of how God has been at work in your life, or any kind of encouragement you’d like to pass on, please let one of the pastors know!


  1. May is Mental Health Awareness MonthThe month of May is designated as Mental Health Awareness Month, a time to recognize that many of us, or perhaps our friends, neighbors or family members, experience a mental health issue like depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder or something else. God cares about our mental health and so do we at Northgate.  If you or someone you love is experiencing a mental health issue, and you don’t know where to get help, please speak to one of the pastors and together we’ll pray and explore the options.  There is no need to go through a difficult time alone.


  1. Gahanda News!Melissa Vanelli has been praying about whether or not God would want her to go to Gahanda to help with teacher training, and she has heard God say “yes!” We are in the very early stages of planning this trip, and we need to find two or three others who can join her.  If you are interested, please contact Pastor Vern at vern@northgatefmc.com.


You Can Count on This – Matt. 21:42 – Jesus said to them, “Have you never read in the Scriptures: “’The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone…?’” (Read Matt. 21:33-46)

One description of a cornerstone is “a feature upon which a particular thing depends.”  That’s a good description of who Jesus is to be for us: the one upon whom we depend. Our faith, our salvation, our peace, our hopes, our futures… they all depend on Jesus and that’s a good thing, because no one is more faithful, more loving, more generous or more powerful than Him!

When you’re not sure what you can count on in the world around you, know this: You can count on God keeping his word.  So read what God has to say in scripture!  And count on it.