1. Memorial Day WeekendThe church office will be closed this coming Monday due to it being Memorial Day. We’ll be back in the office on Tuesday!


  1. EMBERThis past Sunday Pastor Dan started a new group for adults age 18-25 and it got off in really great style! 28 young adults got together at our South campus to discuss modern day issues relevant to this generation.  If you come, you can expect an informal approach meant to help you relax, enjoy games, food and community all while growing in your faith. Ember is meeting every Sunday night from 8-9:30pm, so come check it out and you can get more information on our Northgate social media or feel free to contact Pastor Dan at daniel@northgatefmc.com


  1. Marriage Conference(Correction)We’re holding a video-based marriage conference here at North on Friday, May 31, beginning at 5:30pm (not 6:30). The conference features Francis & Lisa Chan, Les & Leslie Parrott and comedian Michael Jr. The cost is $15 per person for the night.  (Scholarships are available for this.)  For more information contact Pastor Gloria at gloria@northgatefmc.com


  1. Children’s Ministry Volunteer OpportunitiesIf you have been attending Northgate for more than six months, we’d like to help you find a place to serve as an expression of your faith.

In children’s ministries we invite you to consider these opportunities:

  • Volunteer in the Nursery, Toddler or Pre-School rooms for one service a month.
  • Serve as a coach in Bible Trek for one hour a week during either Sunday service.
  • Work at the Check-In Desk for one or both services once a month.

Please contact Pastor John (john@northgatefmc.com) for more information.


  1. Volunteer Appreciation NightOn Tuesday, June 4 from 6-8pm the staff of Northgate will be hosting an open house for all of you who volunteer your time to serve God at the church.Whether you’ve rocked babies in the Nursery once a month or so, or teach young teens every week, or come out for special things like the workday we held this past week, if you volunteer in any capacity at Northgate please come let us thank you for doing your part to make Northgate a wonderful church.  The staff will provide the food – we just need you to come enjoy it!  It is an open house format, come any time and stay as long as you like.


  1. Blood Drive at South CampusThe Red Cross will be holding a blood drive at our South Campus (350 Bank St.) building on Thursday, June 6. If you can make the time, consider giving blood – it’s always needed and can make a real difference in someone’s life.


  1. Jonas Woods ConcertThe weekend of June 1&2 Jonas Woods will be here to lead worship, and on the night of Sunday, June 2 he will perform in a concert at Northgate/North. Jonas is a friend of our worship leader, Anthony Hoisington, and we’re excited to have him come!  The concert is free, but with the possibility of filling the church for this concert we would like to know if you plan to attend.  You can get a free ticket through the Northgate Facebook page or contact the church office (343-4011).  And to check out Jonas you can go to his website at https://www.jonaswoods.net


  1. Worship Night in JuneAnthony and the praise team will be holding another night of worship, on June 21 at 7pm at our North Campus. Everyone is invited to come out and join in on an evening of singing and praise God for all that He is!


  1. Garage Sale for MissionsOne of our Sunday small groups is going to host a garage sale in our South Campus gym on June 21 and 22. This garage sale is being done to raise funds for local agencies serving people and our global missions effort.  They will be accepting donations of “gently used” items the week before the sale at South. More details on that will be coming.


  1. Ice Cream SocialWe will be holding another ice cream social after our services on Saturday June 22 and Sunday June 23. On Saturday we provide the ice cream, and on Sunday we will have an ice cream truck here, as we did last year.  This is a great weekend to invite someone to join you at church!


You Can Count on This – Luke 9:41 – “You unbelieving and perverse generation,” Jesus replied, “how long shall I stay with you and put up with you?” (Read Luke 9:1-43)


When I read these words from the lips of Jesus, they sound harsh. I think it’s because they are! But then I have to ask, why would Jesus say something so harsh?  In this context, I think he is trying to stir up his followers to be more serious about their faith life – to be more serious in their praying and their fasting and their trusting in and seeking of God.  In the parallel account in Mark we read that Jesus’ followers were arguing with others, apparently related to their inability to drive out the demon terrorizing the boy.  Maybe instead of being drawn into an argument they should have been busy continuing to pray for this young man?  Just a thought.


When you’re not sure what you can count on in the world around you, know this: You can count on God keeping his word.  So read what God has to say in scripture!  And count on it.