Top Ten – March 25th

Top Ten – March 25th

Instead of a “Sweet Sixteen” it’s a “Top Ten” – much better!

1.  Church Softball – The snow is slowly melting, the sun is getting brighter in the sky and soon we’ll see lots of green grass and it’ll be time to loosen up the throwing arms and practice hitting softballs.  If you’d like to join in with some Northgaters this year to play on a church softball team, you can contact Katie Stack at

2.  A Taste of Spring – This Women’s Spring Event is happening at the South Campus in the gym on Saturday, April 11th from 9:30-11:30am.  There will be a continental breakfast and devotional time called “Moments with God” followed by a potting demonstration.  You’ll be able to plant some flowers as well, and if you can bring a trowel and pots that would be helpful, but there will be some available to use.  Plants and soil will be provided also.  Hope you can make it!  For more information, contact Pastor Patti at

3.  World Down Syndrome Day – I read about this this past week.  I admit, I didn’t know there was a “World Down Syndrome Day” but I was pleased to see attention being given to this.  Estimates vary as Ray Ban Sunglasses to how many pregnancies are ended by abortion when the fetus is determined to carry the extra chromosome causing Down Syndrome, but it’s probably somewhere cheap jerseys china between 60 & 90%.  It’s not Cheap MLB Jerseys easy to raise a child who has a disability of some kind; I know.  But read this article – – and let’s pray together about our response (some ideas are given in the last few paragraphs of the article.)

4.  Voting and Society Meeting – We’re going to be doing some voting soon.  On the weekend of April 18-19 we will be voting for our A-Team (Administrative Team) and at our Society Meeting, April 26th, we will be voting for Delegates and Nominating Team Members.  Only members of the church can vote, but we hope everyone will come out to the Society Meeting.  More information will be coming on all this very soon.

5.  Membership – Speaking of membership… I had an absolutely wonderful time meeting with prospective members of the church this past Sunday afternoon.  We are so blessed with a great group of people here at Northgate, and I am looking forward to seeing people become members of the church.  We welcome people whether they are members or not, but if you’d like to make this step of commitment to become a member, watch for the next offering of the Membership Class, or contact Pastor Vern to find out when that will be –

6.  Will We Be Having an Easter Morning Breakfast? – I was asked about this today, so I thought I’d better get the word out here.  Yes!  We will be having Easter morning breakfast at the South Campus gym following the 7:30am service on Easter morning.  In addition, here’s the information on the services we will have leading up to and including Easter:

  • Maundy Thursday services at North and South Campuses at 6pm.  These are self-directed, Stations of the Cross events.  Communion will be served at North and the South service will be especially geared to children and families
  • Saturday – This will be our last Saturday night service at South (6pm) – after this Saturday we move back to the North replica oakleys Campus on Saturday nights (same time – 6pm)
  • Sunday – Sunrise service at 6:30am at the North Campus pavilion; 7:30 Daybreak service at South; 9:30 and 11am services at North

7.  We’re Sending Pastor John to Mexico! – Not permanently, though!  Pastor John will be in Oxaca, Mexico this April for about a week.  Pray for him as he will be preaching, leading a missionaries’ retreat and visiting an orphanage and a child that he and Amy sponsor.  For more information you can contact John at

8.  What’s a “Section”?  – It’s an idea some large churches are trying in an effort to help people meet other people and 연혁 enjoy stronger relationships, especially in a big church.  It’s essentially about seeing the seating of the church as happening in “sections” and making an effort to get to know the people in your section.  There is more to it and you can read about it here:  How well do you know the people who sit around you in a worship service?  How about making it your aim to learn one new name each week?

9.  Brothers McClurg – We are blessed to have Anthony leading our worship and worship teams at Northgate and many others are blessed as well by the music that Anthony and his brother Chris produce as Brothers McClurg.  The Brothers are putting out a new album called “Home” and you can learn more about it here:

10.  Discipleship Course – As we got near the end of our study of Revelation on Thursday nights I was praying and thinking about what NFL Jerseys Cheap to do next.  Last week I sat down and outlined a 10-month Discipleship course that will include topics like “Where did the Bible come from?” and “How did the church progress through history?”  and “What is sanctification, etc.?”  This course will meet on Monday nights and it’s meant for those who want to study Christian history and beliefs a little more deeply.  We’ll be starting on Monday, April 27th and we will meet at the North Campus in A-3.  I’m excited about this and more information about it will be coming soon.



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