Top Ten – March 16th

Top Ten – March 16th

 Eve Conference – March 25thThe Eve Conference for women and young ladies is coming up in just a couple of weeks. There will be a talk by one of our Free Methodist pastors, Pamela Washburn, and a whole slate of breakout sessions, as well as food and the chance to mingle with old and new friends. More information is available at the Information Desk.


  1. Volunteer Spotlight Let’s celebrate our Ushers and Tellers! Thank you to everyone who serves in these important roles, in each of our services, every weekend! Ushers make sure people are taken care of as they come and worship and receive our offerings and our tellers make sure that the offerings are properly and safely handled. We appreciate you!


  1. Gahanda Team UpdateWe’ve been enjoying the updates from Mark and Ruth, and it’s been wonderful seeing all the pictures of our Mission Team with the children of Gahanda! If you haven’t seen these, you can by looking under “Vern’s Blog” on the website or the App. I’m very excited to talk with our team when they get back and to hear about their experience. And it’s been great having people tell me they want to be included in a future trip! I think God is really blessing what we are doing as part of this Connected Community with Gahanda!

And if you missed the video that explains more about what we are doing, it is well worth watching – you can catch it here:


  1. This Changes EverythingWear your shirts this weekend! We’ll be baptizing and dedicating a number of infants, children and adults this Saturday and Sunday, so if you see this in time, please wear your “This Changes Everything” T-Shirt as a sign of support!


  1. Celebrating Our Congregation! – Easter Baskets for Migrant FamiliesIf you’d like to help provide an Easter meal for a migrant family in our community you can place an offering in an offering envelope, mark it “Easter baskets” and put it in the offering plate or turn it in at the Information Desk. If you want to give on-line (through Kindred) mark it “Easterbaskets”.


  1. New Members Joining March 25/26 We had about 20 people go through our latest Membership Class, and most are planning to become Members of the church. We’ll be bringing the majority of those into membership on March 25th and 26th – so if you get a chance to do so, please welcome them to Membership at Northgate.


  1. Iron Sharpens IronThis year’s Men’s Conference (ages 13+) is taking place at Hamburg Wesleyan Church on Saturday, April 8th from 8:30-5pm. The cost is $44 (plus $8 if you want the on-site lunch) for the 16 seminars and worship, plus there will be many exhibitors and resource tables available to browse. More information is available through Steve Clemm ( or stop at the Information Desk.


  1. Actors Needed!If you’re able to help with the “Journey to the Cross” (Thursday evening before Easter April 13th).  please contact Kelley Switzer at


  1. United Way Day of Caring The deadline for signing up to join us for the Day of Caring is March 30th. If you’d like to join the staff as we serve the community on May 17th, please let Pastor Vern know ( as soon as possible.


  1. Baskets of Loveby Gerry McNamara – Last year a Northgate Team served at an orphanage in Gyor, Hungary. This is a reflection from our FM missionary from that visit…

We walked to the orphanage on a beautiful July morning to start a Vacation Bible School. The team of seven people from Northgate Free Methodist Church in Batavia, NY, were nervous and excited. How would they do? Would the kids be friendly? How would they communicate? “Just smile,” we told them. “The kids will love you for your willingness to serve them and love them.” For months the team had worked together to prepare for this camp, just as my wife Kati and I had prepared to host the team and facilitate the camp. Now the day was finally here.

The days passed by. Worship music, games, handcrafts, laughter and Bible stories were shared. The kids enjoyed American candy and eagerly awaited the arrival of the team each morning. The handcraft on Wednesday – a basket – was intricate and difficult; yet Helen taught it so well. All the children made their baskets, woven together with beads for decoration, in a most unique way, just as these kids themselves are unique. For two days we worked on those baskets. I just couldn’t see how the children could ever complete them. It wasn’t that I didn’t believe they were clever enough; it just seemed like an impossible task. I surely couldn’t do it!

By late Thursday morning, those baskets were nearing completed. The smiles of joy and satisfaction on the faces of each and every child were such a blessing to behold! They had done it; they had made their baskets, by themselves! These children, the very least in society, had made a beautiful, intricate craft.

You see, these children often feel unloved, unimportant and useless. Yet this team of seven, the missionaries and volunteers had invested in them, and now they felt loved, important and useful. Their baskets were completed and filled with the love of Christ.


  1. Seasons Of Singleness (SOS)Purpose: For single women to come together socially and encourage one another in growing healthy, Godly, relationships. Mission: Growing our relationship with God and others. Vision: To live to God’s glory in our relationships. When/where: Friday nights 7:00 – 9:00 pm at Northgate North, Room 3 (use office entrance).


You Can Count on This – You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Matthew 5:14

Let the light of Jesus shine through you in expressions of joyfulness, thankfulness and kindness toward others. Let’s make people curious about what makes us shine!

When you’re not sure what you can count on in the world around you, know this: You can count on God keeping his word. So read what God has to say in scripture! And count on it.

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