Top Ten – June 15th

Top Ten – June 15th


  1. “This Changes Everything”This weekend we are planning to baptize or dedicate 16 people from our congregation! This is a wonderful thing and something to celebrate. Every one of these represents a life being changed by the love of Jesus. Let’s make sure we praise God for each one!


  1. Congratulations to Our Bible Trek Kids! In our Bible Trek ministry the kids were challenged to memorize verses from the Bible. Congratulations to those who memorized one or more, and a special “way to go!” to those who memorized all five: Alicyn Rippel, Anna Kent, Grace Keller, Elijah McMillan, and Samuel McMillan. May God bless you for the work you put into learning His word! (And thank you, Leaders, for helping them!)


  1. Bring and Build and SendOur mission as a church is to bring people to Jesus, build them up in that relationship and send them out to change the world. Most of the time the “sending” is local: to our families, workplaces, schools, neighborhoods, etc. Sometimes people hear God ask them to explore something that takes them further away. Stephen and Linny Emanuele are in the midst of discerning God’s will for them regarding serving as missionaries in Oostende, Belgium. They have spent time exploring this with Rev. Mitch Pierce, the FM Missions Area Director for Eastern Europe. Their next step is an exploratory trip to Belgium this July. Please keep them in prayer as they prepare, and if you’d like to help them with their expenses, please mark the donation accordingly. Thanks!


  1. Save the Date (1) for Habitat for HumanityEvery year we volunteer with Habitat for Humanity by participating in a build day. Northgate’s build day this year is Saturday, July 22nd. We’ll get more information to you on this in coming weeks, but if you’re available, think about coming out to help – it’s for a good cause and it’s a lot of fun too!


  1. Save the Date (2) for the Set Free ConferenceSummer is almost here, and things will get busy, so please take a moment to mark down on your calendar the Set Free Conference. Northgate will be holding this conference in partnership with Valley Chapel Free Methodist Church. It will take place at our North Campus on September 23rd starting at 8:30am and going until noon. This conference will be focused on informing people about the reality of the human trafficking that occurs here in the U.S. and around the world, and in our own state. More information will be coming!


  1. Follow Up to United Way Day of CaringWe received this note from the Batavia Cemetery Association this week:   On behalf of the Batavia Cemetery Association, I would like to send a big “Thank You” to you and the members of your church who participated in the Day of Caring. Your hard work saved us several hundred dollars and helped us to maintain this most beautiful and historic site. Sincerely, Sharon Burkel


  1. Friday Night Singles GroupAnn wanted me to let you know that the Friday night Singles Group that has been meeting is taking a summer rest and will start up again in the fall. Thank you, Anne, for launching this ministry – I know it has blessed people!


  1. Star Spangled 4th At Northgate NorthKelley Switzer is organizing a July 4th “Firework Watching” at Northgate that will include food and fun activities. Our North campus has a pretty good viewing of the fireworks display that follows the Muckdog game, and we are inviting you to come and watch from our parking lot, and bring a friend!


  1. The “Here and Now Festival” is Coming in August August 25 and 26th to be exact. Anthony and Brothers McClurg will be performing along with other well-known worship bands. There will be food trucks, vendors, a kids stage and more. Karen VanWyngaarden is our Northgate representative to the planning team and if you want more information you can contact her at You can also get a flyer at the Information Desk.


  1. Light and Life MagazineThis is our Free Methodist denomination’s monthly magazine and it’s a good way to learn about what is going on with our leadership and our churches. Look for this month’s edition on a table in the Adult Wing hallway. The June copy is focused on “Change.”


You Can Count on This – Truly I tell you, I have not found anyone is Israel with such great faith. – Matthew 8:10 (Read Matthew 8:5-13)

Who’s connected to Jesus, and who isn’t? This passage of scripture emphasizes that it is those who have faith in him who are in. Even if they never thought they could be accepted by God. Even if they felt like outsiders and strangers. Even if they come from a long ways away. Even if they feel unworthy. Faith in Jesus is the key to relationship with Jesus.

When you’re not sure what you can count on in the world around you, know this: You can count on God keeping his word. So read what God has to say in scripture! And count on it.

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