Top Ten – July 21st

Top Ten – July 21st


  1. Hungary Missions Team – The Team returned safe and sound after a 10-day trip to Hungary. The missions effort was very successful, in that we were able to encourage our missionaries, build on their good relationship with the orphanage staff in Gyor, witness the love of Cheap Jerseys Jesus to the children of the orphanage and experience God working in us as well. We’ll be reporting out soon, but please keep the children we met in prayer: Marieta, Eric, Noemi, Cinty, Stephen, Norbie, Vivi, Mark, Barbie, Barbara, Bogie, Zoly, David, Timmie, Nickie and Garbor.
  1. From Gerry McNamara RE: The Missions Team – Dear Northgate, On behalf of the Gyor Free Methodist Church and the Hungary mission team I would like to thank you for having sent us such a wonderful group of missionaries to partner with us as we together served some of the most vulnerable children in Hungarian society.
  • Helen, your craft work engaged the kids whilst teaching them the love of Christ. Your smiles and words of wisdom are missed already!
  • Rosalina, your infectious joy, uncomplaining nature and love of God were an example to us of how to serve the Lord!
  • Julie, your excellent work ethic, crazy sense of humour and love of life blessed us and the children in ways you will never know.
  • Kelly, the way you engaged an angry and bored young man showed him and us the love of a woman who is in love with Christ. I can’t think of higher praise than that for anyone.
  • Ava, your smile when you saw the train in Budapest was one of my greatest moments of joy the whole week! Your willingness to see and do new things is wonderful!
  • Jake, your voice, your gentle spirit and willingness to see the best in others mark you as a man God will continue to use in the future!
  • Vern, your quiet, gentle leadership and listening ear was appreciated by all. Thank you for leading this team so well.
  1. Summer’s Best Two Weeks – Registrations are coming in for SB2W and we are excited about this new youth event! It will take place in August, and that’s going to come fast. If you are interested in signing up a young person, or in volunteering, please visit our website, or contact Sean Donnellan, our Youth Director at
  1. KanJam Tournament – The Gathering (our group for those in their 20-30’s) is hosting a KanJam tournament on Sunday August 7th at noon at the North Pavilion. The winning ۵ team gets a gift certificate to Main Street Pizza. All ages are invited to attend. (Maybe some 60-year olds can show how it’s done!) To participate or learn more, see Pastor John or contact him at
  1. Religious Liberty and a Civil Society – In my wholesale nfl jerseys reading this morning I came across an article on the correlation between religious liberty and a humane civil society. I thought it was worth passing on to you so that you can read and think about the ideas discussed in this article:
  1. Gift to International Child Care Ministries – You might remember that we recently recognized this year’s graduates, and let everyone know that instead of spending money on a small gift for each one that we would make a contribution to ICCM on their behalf. Well we did that, and this week we received a “Thank You” letter from Julie Innes of ICCM. She thanked us for the gift and said that it would “make a difference in the lives of ICCM students who are seeking further education.” Thanks for making this happen!
  1. Celebrating Celebrate Recovery – Our CR program continues to bless people on Thursday nights. Last week they held a picnic and had over 35 people attend. Thank you to the leaders of CR and to Pastor Dave for his oversight. CR is a great place for anyone seeking some support for dealing with an issue that is creating difficulty in one’s life. For more information, contact Pastor Dave at
  1. Is God Inviting You to Lead a Small Group? – If He is, Pastor Greg would love to talk to you. All you need is a living room, a heart for others, a love for God and a desire to connect people to God. Pastor Greg will help you with the rest. If you have any interest in helping others grow in their faith, please contact Greg at
  1. Great Tabernacle Campaign – The GTC is coming up soon, on August 24th-26th. There will be concerts by Selah, Jason Upton, Robin Mark and others. This discount oakley event is being organized to celebrate the 100th anniversary of a revival that happened here in Batavia that brought together 5 churches and over 3000 people. Volunteers are needed to help with this event and more information on it can be found at the Information Desk, or by contacting Pastor Vern at
  1. Two Northgate People to Minister in PragueTodd and Kathy Rapp are headed to Prague in the Czech Republic this August. They are going to work at a Young Life camp there, providing breakfast, lunch and dinner to hundreds of young people. They are doing this in response to God’s leading and it’s a great opportunity for them! Please keep them in prayer as they head out. We’ll be praying over them in our services on July 30th and 31st.

You Can Count on This1 Corinthians 10:13 – No temptation has seized you except what is common to man next page. And God is faithful. He will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it.

Temptations to do things that offend God or violate his statutes, or disappoint him, are going to come. We will all be tempted to sin. But we do not have to give in to that temptation. Yes, through Christ there is forgiveness when we do, but how much better to not give in and suffer as a result of our sin! God will help you “find the way NFL Jerseys Cheap out” so that you oakley sunglasses for men can “stand up under” temptation. Look for the way out! And begin by looking to Him.

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