1. It’s Baptism Weekend – Wear Your Shirt!– If you have a “This Changes Everything” T-shirt please wear it in support of those being baptized this weekend.Baptism is one way we show that we belong to Christ and a celebration of the fact that through Christ our sins have been washed away and we are “clean” – holy!  If you have not been baptized, but are a follower of Jesus, look for the next opportunity to be baptized this Fall.


  1. “Star Spangled Celebration”– Thanks to Kelley Switzer and her team of fabulous people who organized and ran the Star Spangled Celebration this year. Several hundred people turned out for the event and the night was full of fun, food and friends and family gathering together and enjoying a beautiful evening.  Kelley – you did a great job!  Thanks!


  1. Muckdog Player Looking for A HomePastor Daniel is the chaplain to the Muckdogs baseball team here in Batavia. This week he was asked if he could help find a home for one of the players who comes from a Christian family and will be here through the summer.  If you would be interested in helping with this please contact Dan for more information at daniel@northgatefmc.com.  And if you get a chance go root on the Muckdogs – they’re having a great season!
  • (P.S. – I won’t be able to use my tickets to two games next week because I’ll be at General Conference. If you’re interested in them you can go to the Information Desk or contact me – they’re available – until they’re not!)


  1. General Conference, 2019Next week several thousand Free Methodists will be meeting for General Conference in Orlando. Pastor Gloria, Pastor Chris and I will be among them.  This event occurs every four years and is where significant business of the denomination is conducted.  This year we will be electing three new bishops at Conference.  Please keep it all in prayer, and if you want to take it in you can watch a live stream of the proceedings from Tuesday through Friday (8:30am – 8:30pm) by going tohttps://gc19.org/live/.


  1. Israel MeetingYou are invited to a meeting on Tuesday 8/6 at 6:30pm (North Campus) where we’ll discuss our upcoming tour to Israel (February 2020). About a dozen people are signed up already, and we’d love to fill a bus, which would be about 40 or so people!  For more information contact Pastor Vern at vern@northgatefmc.com.


  1. Wednesday Prayer GroupsEvery Wednesday a group of people meet at our North Campus to pray in the evening. Often, weather permitting, they will head out to our new prayer walk – complete with benches and a path that is gradually being beautifully covered with mulch.  It is a wonderful place to pray and hold our church, our friends and family and community before the Lord.  If you’d like to join them, come to North at 6pm on Wednesday.


  1. BASE Camp is Coming Quickly!Last year we held the first BASE Summer Camp with about 40 young people attending. This year there are over 100 young people signed up so far, with several weeks to go before camp!  Pastor Daniel is hard at work bringing all the details together and it’s going to be a great camp.  If you’re interested in having a child attend, or in volunteering some time to help make this happen, please contact Pastor Daniel at daniel@northgatefmc.com.  And please keep all of this in prayer too.


  1. Connect With Others Through a Small Group This Fall– Getting to know other people through a small group is an important value in our church. Many of our small groups take a break for the summer, but fall planning is already under way. If you have ideas, questions, hopes or requests for bringing together like-minded believers to develop friendships and deepen their faith in Jesus, please contact Pastor Marsha –  marsha@northgatefmc.com.


  1. Teachers Mission Team is Getting ReadyOn August 15tha group of five teachers, with Mark Logan as a sixth, “honorary” teacher, will be leaving Batavia and making the long trip to Gahanda, Rwanda, where they will meet, encourage and share ideas with the teachers at our Connected Community school.Please keep Krystal, Jenn, Melanie, Melissa, Candy and Mark in prayer as they prepare for this amazing experience.


  1. Children’s Wing Remodel: “The Past, Our Present, Their FutureThis summer we are investing time, money and energy into creating a new and exciting place for our children to be cared for and learn about the love Jesus has for them. This will be a significant project and we are looking for people to help make it happen. You can sign up to help by visiting the Information Table, and to learn more about this project visit our Northgate Kids Facebook Page or contact our Director of Operations, Mark Logan, at mark@northgatefmc.com.


You Can Count on This – Luke 12:40 – You also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him. – (Read Luke 12:35-59)


When sharing their faith with non-believers some Christians will ask this question: “If you were to die tonight, do you know where you’d spend eternity?”  It’s a good question, and an important one.  Jesus said we should be ready at any moment to meet him, because in truth we don’t know when that will happen.  Do you know the answer to that question?  Are you confident in that?  You can be, and you can be at peace about it.  If you’re not sure how, please talk to one of the pastors and let’s settle the question.


When you’re not sure what you can count on in the world around you, know this: You can count on God keeping his word.  So read what God has to say in scripture!  And count on it.