1. New Mission StatementFor many years we have used “Bring and Build” as our mission statement, and it has served us well. But over the past year or so we (our Staff and the Administrative Team) have discussed adding a third element to this: “Send.” While that has always been implied, we wanted to make it more explicit.   This month our Administrative Team formally approved adapting our mission statement to “Bring people to Jesus Christ, build them up in that relationship and send them out to share His love.” That sending may be to another country on a short-term mission trip, or it may be to your neighbor next door, but the point is that we are brought to Jesus and built up in our relationship with him in order to share his love with others. We’ve been doing that well… let’s keep on!


  1. Name Tag WeekendEvery now and then we ask something special of you. We ask you to make a nametag when you come for worship. We know a lot of people prefer not to, and we would never force one on you! But it does help us catch a new name or two (and that’s something I need a lot of help with!) We are doing it this weekend as a special help to our new Pastor, Marsha Rivers. So if you would, grab a marker and tag in the lobby this weekend, and let Marsha know who you are! Thanks!


  1. Another Person on MissionI am just overwhelmed with the people from Northgate doing overseas mission work this year. I’ve shared some names with you recently, but this week I learned of another Northgate person who is in Haiti right now on mission. Please pray for Robert Lukasik! This is shaping up to be an incredible year for Northgate people serving in this way, and we definitely want to celebrate that.


Let’s also celebrate those who are doing mission work right here in our backyard. Like those who have stepped out to start new small group studies, and those who are helping their neighbors and caring for others. I’ve heard many stories about this type of mission work this week, and I am so humbled to be among a group of people who get what it means to serve Jesus, both locally and globally. Blessings to you all!


P.S. – If you are interested in learning more about mission opportunities, the next meeting of the Northgate Mission Team is Sunday, January 28th at 12:30pm (Meeting Room 3 at North.)


And please keep in prayer those family members of Northgate people who are serving in missions. I am thinking of Jay and Ashley Shetler (China), Bridgette Britton (South Korea) and Greg and Lois Lewis (Philippines). Who am I missing? Please let me know! Thanks!


And if you want to read about what’s happening denominationally in missions, you can check out this link: http://fmcusa.org/fmmissions/


  1. Do You Know of a Teen Mom Who Could Use Some Support?If you do, please contact Pastor Gloria (Gloria@northgatefmc.com). She’d love to talk with you about our Teen MOPS program that is ready to go. A leadership team has been meeting and preparing to minister to young people who find themselves in this situation, and all we need now are the moms. It can be a long and hard road for a young mom to navigate in life, and we’d like to help, so please keep this program, the leaders and the moms in prayer. Thank you.


  1. Women’s Bible Studies
  • “The Case for Christ” study meets in Meeting Room 2 at North on Wednesday nights at 7pm with Cricket Johnson leading (cricket@2ki.net)
  • And the “Uninvited” study meets on Tuesdays at 6:30pm (Meeting Room 2 at North).  For more information on that contact Melissa Vanelli at lissyv37@yahoo.com


  1. Monday Night Discipleship GroupThe Monday night Digging Deeper group will be starting up on February 5th at 6:30pm in Meeting Room 3 at North. We’ll be engaging in a study of the book of Acts, which is exciting to me as it’s a study of how God was at work in the early church – a time of explosive growth for the kingdom of God! You are welcome to join us any/every week. Copies of the schedule are available at the Information Desk or by writing me at vern@northgatefmc.com


  1. Women of the Word – A new 8-week online Women’s Bible Study is beginning Monday, January 15th. The topic will be “Made for Community” and will take us on an adventure through both the Old and New Testaments. To sign up contact Patti Chadwick at patti.chadwick@juno.com or 585-297-3009 or sign up on the Facebook page at:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/50870109


  1. Men’s Meetings
  • Resolution For Men – 8am every other Saturday in the North Campus Café. Contact Dan at Daniel@northgatefmc.com for more information.
  • And there is a Wednesday Night Men’s Group led by Mike Marsh at 7:00pm at the North Campus in Meeting Room 3.


  1. FREEFREE” stands for Fellowship of Revolutionaries Empowering the Enslaved. This is a student led group working for abolition of modern day slavery. They are planning to hold a one day conference on Modern Day Slavery at Roberts on March 17. Kevin Austin (leader of the Free Methodist Set Free Movement) will be a guest speaker at the conference. We are also working to involve the nursing and criminal justice programs. Free Methodists have always been dedicated to abolishing the evil of slavery, which still exists. To learn more, consider attending this event.


  1. Save the DatePlease save the date of April 22nd (12:30pm) for our church’s annual meeting, “The Summit.” We’ve enjoyed these times so much the last few years and we’re aiming to make this year’s Summit a wonderful experience as well. Everyone is welcome… you do not have to be a member!


You Can Count on This – Matthew 17:27a – “But so that we may not cause offense... (Read Matthew 17:22-27)

Jesus says this in the context of whether or not he should pay the temple tax. He essentially teaches that it’s not required of him, but then pays it anyway. There’s a lesson in this for us, and it’s not about paying taxes, really! It’s about being willing to “go along” on things that we do not need to be dogmatic about, and doing so without making a stink about it. Sometimes, when it’s not a sin issue we’re talking about, we can simply acquiesce in order to not cause offense. The world needs more Christians who do not needlessly cause offense. Let’s be that kind!

When you’re not sure what you can count on in the world around you, know this: You can count on God keeping his word. So read what God has to say in scripture! And count on it.