1. New Mission StatementFor many years we have used “Bring and Build” as our mission statement, and it has served us well. But over the past year or so we (our Staff and the Administrative Team) have discussed adding a third element to this: “Send.” While that has always been implied, we wanted to make it more explicit. This month our Administrative Team formally approved adapting our mission statement to “Bring people to Jesus Christ, build them up in that relationship and send them out to share His love.” That sending may be to another country on a short-term mission trip, or it may be to your neighbor next door, but the point is that we are brought to Jesus and built up in our relationship with him in order to share his love with others. We’ve been doing that well… let’s keep on!


  1. This Changes Everything (Baptism Weekend)In just a couple of weeks, the weekend of February 24th/25th we will be celebrating the sacrament of baptism at North. If you’ve never been baptized, or you have a child you would like to dedicate or baptize, please speak to one of the pastors, or go to our Northgate App and send us a note, or call the office at 343-4011.


  1. Prime TimersIt’s been a wonderful week, but I did feel a little sad on Thursday. Why? Because, due to the weather conditions, Prime Timers was cancelled. Prime Timers is a monthly luncheon for people of Northgate and their friends, and is geared to those 55 years old and over. I always enjoy saying “hi” to people and sampling the potluck offerings (especially the desserts)! If you’d like to join in, you are very welcome to. The next meeting of Prime Timers will be March 8th (2nd Thursday) at Noon at North in the Café. And unfortunately for me, I’ll miss it then too!


  1. Rosalina Is Looking for Some PartnersRosalina, a very active member of our church, is looking for some help, specifically in the area of prayer partners. Rosalina hosts a Wednesday evening prayer group at 6pm at North, and also a Prayer Shawl ministry on the second Saturday of the month at 10am at North. Sometimes, especially on Wednesday, she prays alone, and we’d like to encourage some folks to join her! If you’d like more information on these two prayer opportunities, please contact Pastor Marsha at marsha@northgatefmc.com


  1. Family Skate Coming UpNext Gen Director Dan is putting together a Family Skate event at the ice rink in Batavia (Evans Street) and everyone is invited. The skating event will be on Sunday, February 11th at 7pm. The cost is $6 which includes skating, pizza, the skate rental, pop and games. For hockey players there will also be a chance to participate in a fun game of ½ rink ice hockey. For more information contact Dan at Daniel@northgatefmc.com


  1. Monday Night Discipleship GroupThe Monday night Digging Deeper group has just gotten started again. We’re engaging in a study of the book of Acts, which is exciting to me as it’s a study of how God was at work in the early church – a time of explosive growth for the kingdom of God! You are welcome to join us any/every week. Everyone is welcome (Monday at 6:30pm at North in Room #3). Copies of the schedule are available at the Information Desk or by writing me at vern@northgatefmc.com


  1. Arbor House Lenten DevotionalThe Arbor House team is offering a Lenten devotional which will be available at the Information Desk at North this weekend. Lent begins next Wednesday, February 14th, so if you want to use the devotional to help you prepare for Easter, be sure to pick one up.

  And thanks to the Arbor House people for putting this together for everyone!


  1. FREEFREE” stands for Fellowship of Revolutionaries Empowering the Enslaved. This is a student led group working for abolition of modern day slavery. They are planning to hold a one day conference on Modern Day Slavery at Roberts on March 17. Kevin Austin (leader of the Free Methodist Set Free Movement) will be a guest speaker at the conference. We are also working to involve the nursing and criminal justice programs. Free Methodists have always been dedicated to abolishing the evil of slavery, which still exists. To learn more, consider attending this event.


  1. Habitat for HumanityDo you know someone who would love to own their own home, but they don’t think they can afford it? Is that you? If so, I would encourage you to contact our local Habitat for Humanity office. They are seeking homeowners for several projects currently under way. You can find out more at http://www.geneseehabitat.com


  1. Save the DatePlease save the date of April 22nd (12:30pm) for our church’s annual meeting, “The Summit.” We’ve enjoyed these times so much the last few years and we’re aiming to make this year’s Summit a wonderful experience as well. Everyone is welcome… you do not have to be a member!


You Can Count on This – Matthew 18:14 – In the same way your Father in heaven is not willing that any of these little ones should perish. (Read Matthew 18:12-35)

This is a verse that should give great comfort to all of us. God does not want anyone to perish – to be lost or separated from him forever. He cares so much about us that he was willing to send Jesus, to make clear his love and to provide a way for us to be reconciled to him. In Luke 19:10 Jesus says this was his whole reason for coming: to seek and to save the lost. If you feel “lost,” or if you question whether or not God cares about you, or you wonder if there is any chance that you can be in heaven one day, let this verse speak to your heart. God is searching for you – looking for you – leaving everything else behind in order to come and to find you. All we have to do is turn around, and see that he is there, with open arms, ready to lead us to safety, green pastures, cool waters, rest and peace.

When you’re not sure what you can count on in the world around you, know this: You can count on God keeping his word. So read what God has to say in scripture! And count on it.