This year I am participating in a small group with pastors from other Free Methodist churches, and a coach who is leading us through a process of evaluating our churches and determining what needs attention, and what may need “recalibrating.”  According to one of the texts we’re using, “You either create a culture of continuous recalibration, or your church will slowly and steadily drift off mission.  Period!”  (Recalibrate Your Church: How Your Church Can Reach Its Full Kingdom Impact, Dr. Troy H. Jones.)

One of my functions, as the Senior Pastor, is to ensure that we don’t “drift off mission” as a church.  Our mission is too important to let it drift away from us!  If we stop Bringing people to Jesus, Building them up in that relationship, and Sending them out to share his love, then we have drifted off course, and we’ve abandoned our purpose for being here.  God forbid that ever happens at Northgate.

So I’m learning this year how to make sure we stay on mission, and how to address things that will help us carry out our mission effectively. The more effective we are, the more lives will be changed for Jesus, and that’s what matters to us.  Thanks for being a church that cares about that, and thank you for joining us in our mission.  What we do makes a real difference in the world.

  1. Ash Wednesday Service at Arbor HouseAsh Wednesday marks the beginning of the season of Lent, and this year Ash Wednesday comes on March 6th. If you’d like to attend a service to help prepare for the journey to Easter, you can join with others at Arbor House (our South Campus) at 7pm next week.


  1. New Small Group Starting UpPastor Chris is beginning a new small group on Tuesday, March 12that 6:30pm at North. This group will be taking a look at some familiar stories from the Bible and asking the question: “How do these apply to us today?”  For more information on this group you can contact Pastor Chris at


  1. ESL Classes Beginning AgainOur English as a Second Language teachers are preparing for the start of a new semester. Six students are currently signed up and more may join them.  The new class begins on Monday, March 4thand runs until April 15th. Another class will meet on Fridays from April 26thuntil May 24th.  Please keep this ministry in prayer and if you’d like to help you can contact Debi Thom at


  1. Prime Timer Lunch Coming SoonThe next Prime Timers luncheon is happening on Thursday, March 14that noonat our North Campus café. This is a group of (mainly) senior citizens but all are invited to come and share a potluck meal and brief program, and a time of quality fellowship!


  1. BASE Game NightA game night will be held on Friday, March 15thfrom 5-11pmat our South Campus. This is open to anyone in the 4th-12thgrades.  There will be food, games, dodgeball and Mario Kart tournaments. For more information, contact Pastor Daniel at


  1. Support the Work of the Multiple Sclerosis SocietyMultiple sclerosis is a chronic disease of the central nervous system, affecting more than 2 million people, for which there is (as of yet) no cure. If you’d like to support the work of the MS Society, you can do so by participating in a fundraising walk taking place at Genesee County Park on May 19th. These 1 & 3 mile walks are open to people of all ages.  Learn more about them (and register) here:


  1. “IF” Video ConferenceOnMarch 29thand 30thour women are invited to attend a video conference called “IF”. The name of the conference was inspired by the thought, “IF God is real, then what…” More information about this conference will be coming out soon, but if you want to talk with someone about it, contact Pastor Marsha at


  1. Israel Tour Informational MeetingOnMarch 26th at 6:30pmPastor Vern is hosting an informational meeting regarding a tour of Israel that we’d like to take in Spring of 2020.  Pastor Mike Kuhlkin of the Perry Free Methodist Church has been on two trips with the company we are considering using, and he will be here to discuss his experiences with us.  This meeting is open to anyone who is interested, no commitment necessary at this point, and will take place in Meeting Room #3 at the North Campus.  For more information contact Pastor Vern at


  1. Right Now Media Has an Easter Holiday ChannelNorthgate subscribes to a media service called “Right Now Media” that has thousands of Bible studies, marriage and family studies and children’s programming available at no cost to our attenders. For Easter 2019 they have a special “Easter Channel” with material for all ages.  If you would like to access the materials available on Right Now Media just contact Allisonin the office to get a password. You can reach her at


  1. Midweek On-line Book StudyPastor Marsha is beginning an on-line book/Bible study on Wednesday, March 6that noon. The group will be using a book by Philip Yancey and Brenda Quinn called Meet the Bible, which offers a great way to get to know the Bible.  This group will meet by way of “Zoom” which is a free download, so it’s a study that might work for you if you (or someone you know) are homebound or on a work break.  For more information contact Pastor Marsha at


You Can Count on This – Luke 5:5 – “…because you say so, I will…” – (Read Luke 5:1-11)


Do you ever struggle with being obedient to what Jesus has told you to do?  I’m pretty sure all of us do at times.  Learning to say “because you say so, I will” is a challenge we all face in various situations, but let’s learn from Simon Peter’s experience that saying “yes” to Jesus is always the best thing to do.  We may not be very hopeful; we may have our doubts about what will happen when we say yes; we might be tired and discouraged and just want to crawl into bed and forget about everything.  I have those moments!  And then I read passages like this, and I am reminded that I serve a Savior who can do anything!  And I remember that I am called to “trust and obey” and sometimes I will do something simply because he has said to do it.  And I will tell you this in all honesty: Jesus has never let me down.  I’ve never been obedient to what he’s asked me to do, and then regretted that I obeyed.


When you’re not sure what you can count on in the world around you, know this: You can count on God keeping his word.  So read what God has to say in scripture!  And count on it.