Those who know me know that I am an avid reader.  Working from home has afforded me a little more time to read, so I thought I’d share with you some of the books I’m reading through now.  I’d love to hear what you’re reading as well!


  1. Amazin’ Again: How the 2015 New York Mets Brought the Magic Back to Queens, by Greg W. Prince. So this is my “guilty pleasure” book.  Not really inspiring but fun to read.


  1. The Escape Artists: A Band of Daredevil Pilots and the Greatest Prison Break of the Great War by Neal Bascomb. A more inspiring book than Amazin’ Again!  This is the true story of soldiers breaking out of a terrible WWI POW camp.  When I begin to grumble about our “lockdown” reading from this book reminds me of two things: one: I don’t have it so bad; and two: these men were courageous, determined and worthy of our respect.


  1. 40 Days With the Holy Spirit, by Jack Levison. This is a book of short devotional readings on the Holy Spirit.  They are quite good and I’m reading one each day.  Having a closer relationship with God through the Holy Spirit is something that God has been speaking to me about, as you’ll see by a couple other books on this list.


  1. A Long Obedience in the Same Direction, by Eugene Peterson. I just pulled this book off my shelf yesterday in preparing a devotional for our Administrative Team meeting last night.  I’ve read it a few times, and I’m planning to read through it again.  The title pretty much explains what the book is about: staying faithful in our journey with God through the ups and downs of life, knowing that there is a reward coming for faithfulness.  In a chapter on hope Peterson says this: “A Christian is a person who decides to face and live through suffering.” 


  1. Tozer on the Holy Spirit: A 365 Day Devotional, by Marilynne E. Foster. Another daily devotional book with short thoughts on the Holy Spirit by a great Christian thinker.  One of the things I’ve highlighted: “The best way to keep the enemy out is to keep Christ in.  The sheep need not be terrified by the wolf; they have but to stay close to the shepherd.”


  1. Supernatural: Experiencing the Power of God’s Kingdom, by Carolyn Moore. This is the book we are using for our Thursday night Zoom book study group.  I really enjoy her writing and the short readings make it an excellent choice for a group study.  I would recommend it to others.


  1. Transfiguration and Hope: A Conversation across Time and Space, by D. Gregory Van Dussen. I’m reading this book with a friend.  We wanted to read more about the transfiguration of Jesus (Matthew 17:1-13) and discovered this book by a man who has taught at Northeastern Seminary – my alma mater!  It’s not necessarily an easy read, but through it I have been introduced to “Matthew the Poor,” a Coptic Orthodox monk who says things like this: “What is left for us to do is to set the Holy Spirit free to work within us by opening up new possibilities in our behavior and actions – offering love to everyone…”


  1. Jesus, Continued…: Why the Spirit Inside You is Better Than Jesus Beside You, by J.D. Greear. Greear is pastor of The Summit Church in Durham, NC and President of the Southern Baptist Convention.  I enjoy his preaching and teaching and this book on the Holy Spirit is a good introduction to who the Spirit is and what the Spirit does, and how to experience the Holy Spirit in our lives.


  1. The Christian History Devotional: 365 Readings and Prayers to Deepen and Inspire Your Faith, by J. Stephen Lang. I like to read short pieces on Christian history, and this book offers just that – daily readings of a page or so that highlight people and events of importance in our Christian faith.  I will acknowledge what one Amazon reviewer pointed out: it’s heavily slanted toward male historical figures, with only a few women being highlighted.


  1. Miracle in Darien, by Bob Slosser. A book I’m reading with another friend.  This is a true story about a small church in Darien, CT, and the renewal they experienced when the new pastor emphasized that only Christ could be the true head of the church.  When a congregation understands and accepts that truth, wonderful, God-blessed things happen!


So that’s what I’m reading these days.  What are you reading?  I’d love to hear from you and have you share that with me, and/or share some favorite quotes from the books you’re reading.  Thanks!


You Can Count on This – John 6:24 – Once the crowd realized that neither Jesus nor his disciples were there, they got into the boats and went to Capernaum in search of Jesus.  (Read John 6:1-24)


I wonder who is in search of Jesus today.  The Bible promises that if we will seek God we will find Him.  “Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you.”  (Psalm 9:10). It may take some effort on our part.  “Getting into a boat” for us might mean sitting down and reading the Bible or kneeling by our beds and praying or having a conversation with someone we know who knows Jesus.  But if we are willing to look for Jesus, we will find Jesus, and in finding Jesus we find God Himself.


When you’re not sure what you can count on in the world around you, know this: You can count on God keeping his word.  So read what God has to say in scripture!  And count on it.