Every weekend there are several different kinds of people groups worshipping together at Northgate.

Some are visitors who come with family members or friends or who are checking out various churches as they seek to discern God’s will for them. Many are regular attenders who worship, serve and in various ways support the ministries of Northgate and God’s plans for our church.

And some regular attenders choose to become members of the Church, which is a response to God’s call to make a specific, high level commitment to God’s work at and through Northgate.

The Free Methodist Book of Discipline says that membership is a “high privilege and responsibility” and that’s the way we see it as well. Not everyone feels called to become a member, and we do not ever want to discriminate between members and non-members.

However there are certain responsibilities that come with membership, which are outlined in our Book of Discipline. Among the most important of these is the responsibility to provide leadership to the church by being elected to our Board of Administration (the A-Team) or as a Delegate to the Genesis Conference (the local region of the Free Methodist Church). In addition, it is the responsibility of members to Nominate and to vote for the members of these teams.

Not everyone will feel called or gifted to serve on one of our Boards, but there are additional ways a member is expected to support the church’s ministries. These include a commitment to pray; to support the church financially; to serve using the gifts God provides; to attend worship regularly; to endeavor to live in harmony with our doctrines and beliefs and to be supportive of the mission and vision of the church.

We welcome all who want to know Christ and grow in their relationship with him to be a part of our congregation. And we especially want to thank those who make the commitment of membership for indicating in that way that your prayerful desire is that Northgate would always to be a place where people can find the love of Christ and experience the life change that a relationship with Jesus offers.

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