Northgate Free Methodist Church

SERIES DESCRIPTION describes “margin” as the “amount allowed or available beyond what is actually necessary.” In other words, a margin is room beyond what’s required. In life, when we live within the margins we are accomplishing what is necessary, but being careful not to expend more than what we have to give. That shows up in the way we spend our time and money, or in the attention we give to our personal relationships and relationship with God.

When there is no margin in our lives it means that we are existing on the edge of our available energy or resources. It means we are using up all we have – so that there is no margin left over, no “safe space” or “extra room”. It means we are using up all of our financial resources, or the time we have to give. It means our relationships with others or God are strained to the point that the potential for breakdown is very real.

In this series we want to talk about how to live so that we have more margin – so we are not living at the edge. The more margin we have, the more relaxed we will feel, the more content we will be, and the more effective we will be.

God has given us clear guidelines on how to live with more margin. We hope you’ll join us for this series as we talk about those guidelines and seek to live healthier lives with more margin.


Week 1 – Spiritual

Week 2 – Relational

Week 3 – Time/Physical

Week 4 – Financial