Les Miz at Roberts

Les Miz at Roberts

Thanks to the generosity of some friends my wife In and I were at the Roberts Wesleyan College production of Les Miz this past Friday night.  Anyone who knows me well knows that Les Miz is one cheap nfl jerseys of my favorite books/movies/musicals.  Its depiction of law and NFL Jerseys Cheap grace moved me deeply when I was a teenager and while it’s not an overtly “Christian” story, I can’t watch it without being reminded of how much Jesus loves me and what it would be like to have the law alone, without God’s grace as well.

The cast and crew of the Les Miz production at Roberts did an outstanding job Friday night.  The singing was terrific (I especially appreciated the singing of “Javert” and “Eponine”) as was the music and hockey jerseys the acting.  It was about 2 and 1/2 hours with an intermission, and never did it drag or falter.  Congratulations to all who are involved.

Reading the program before the show was also rewarding for me.  Whoever wrote it took time not only to give a helpful synopsis of the story for those who might not know it, but they also wrote about some of the themes of the story.  In particular I was moved by the reflection on the theme of love found in Les Miz.  Sacrificial love, unrequited love, shared love, misdirected love, the duty of love, the wonder of love, the power of love… cheap Air Jordans these themes and more are woven throughout the story.

The story of Les Miz remains very powerful to me. Wholesale NFL Jerseys  But there is a greater power in the power of love.  Especially in the love God showed a broken, lost and sinful young man.  I’m extremely grateful that God showed me His grace and through His love rescued me.  Les Miz reminds me of that and I never get tired of being reminded of that.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Vern

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