Northgate Free Methodist Church


Throughout the Gospel of Mark there are two main questions being asked and answered: Who is Jesus and what did he come to earth to do? In this series “Identity & Destiny” we will uncover those answers and how they can impact our own identities and destinies.



Takeaway: Seek ways to serve as an expression of the love you’ve received WATCH | LISTEN


Takeaway: The invitation of Jesus is for each one of us, but it doesn’t stop with us. Who are you inviting? WATCH | LISTEN


Takeaway: Come to Jesus for forgiveness, and help others find that forgiveness too. WATCH | LISTEN

Lord Over All

Takeaway: Don’t be afraid of fear; take it to Jesus WATCH | LISTEN


Takeaway: As Christ-followers we are called to be people who speak the truth, in love. WATCH | LISTEN

Matchless Messiah

Takeaway: If you want to save your life, put yourself aside, pick up your cross and press on with Jesus. LISTEN

Family Man

Takeaway: Jesus will make things better for any family committed to listening to and following his ways. WATCH | LISTEN

Crucified & Risen

Takeaway: The greatest comeback ever changed the disciples lives and their destinies. Has it changed yours? WATCH | LISTEN