Northgate Free Methodist Church


The current political climate in the United States may be as polarizing and volatile as it has ever been in our nation’s history. Frequently Christ-followers find themselves at the center of emotionally charged debates unsure of what exactly scripture calls them to do. How can you be both a Christian and a citizen? What are we called to do, to say, or to not say? Where should we put our focus? Join us for a 4-week series called “I Pledge Allegiance” as we examine what the Bible has to teach us about being a Christian citizen in our current context.


Grounded in Respect

Takeaway: Commit to showing respect and honor to our political leaders. WATCH | LISTEN

Committed to Prayer

Takeaway: If we are going to speak about, we first need to pray for. WATCH | LISTEN

Focusing on the Right Things

Takeaway:Keep exercising your faithWATCH | LISTEN