Györ, Hungary

Györ, Hungary


In November 2018, Angelo Dispenza, our Missions Coordinator at Northgate, traveled to Budapest and Gyor, Hungary. The purpose of the trip was to come along side and support our Free Methodist missionaries in these cities.

Hungary was an eye-opening experience to say the least. The difficult task that Angelo immediately discovered was how to perpetuate any sense of need for the people he would be spending the next 10 days with. Modestly wealthy, clean and gorgeous historical scenery at every turn and nothing but Caucasian faces. Behind the scenes a different scene was set, one of spiritual depravity. 
Angelo spent time in drug and rehabilitation homeless shelters. He spent some time in children’s homes and orphanages and visited entire Gypsy communities. He saw first-hand poverty, prostitution rings, and human trafficking in it’s early stages.
These conditions exist for reasons we hear about in the news. Government corruption, Civil War and thus displacement. Terrorism. Those seeking Asylum and not having the means to support themselves and having to rely on drastic measures. Conditions that, for the most part, do not exist in America. Hungary is geographically unique because of its proximity to the rest of Europe and the Middle East. A choke point, that bottles all of those seeking refuge from war-torn areas and places with little to no resources or infrastructure. 
Angelo’s goal was to bring some attention to these issues and to be with some of these people whether it’s to simply let them know that there’s a better way, that God loves them, to help sponsor and place children in homes, to help extract people from modern day slavery with the Set Free Movement, or just share a meal with them that could be their first in a while.

You can help by praying for the missionaries of the Free Methodist Missions in Hungary: Gerry and Kathi McNamara and family, and Larry and Katie Winkles. You can also pray for a Hungarian Missionary with the FMC, Ildikó Kobér, she is involved with the Budapest church and the Set Free movement.


Györ, Hungary
November 2018

Our mission Bring people to Jesus Christ, build them up in that relationship and send them out to share His love