Gahanda, Rwanda

Gahanda, Rwanda


To explore the possibility of developing a International Childcare Ministries “Connected Community” relationship with the Gahanda Free Methodist Church and the Gahanda School.


Rosalina Vanegas, Kelly Flores, Julie Worthington, Ruth Logan, Mark Logan


We flew from Toronto Canada to Kigali Rwanda where we were introduced to our ICCM contact and Country Director, Ephaste. Over the next 7 days Ephaste took us to Ghanada to see the Free Methodist School there and spend 2 days with the leaders, teachers, students and congregation of that community. Over the remaining days we met with the FMC Leaders in eluding Bishop Samuel, and were taken to several educational institutions to see the impact of quality educational opportunities in Rwanda. We visited a private school for elementary children, two other ICCM established “Connected Communities”, and the National University to interact with Free Methodist College students. The purpose of these visits was to illustrate the dramatic difference between what the children of Gahanda were receiving educationally and nutritionally, compared to their counterparts in other “partnered Connected Communities” and the secular environment. The difference was dramatic and the need very apparent.

In addition, we evaluated the need for future mission teams from Northgate. It was determined that the teachers at Gahanda, while wonderful, could use training opportunities similar to what was being done at Nzige, Rwanda. Also, the medical and nutritional needs of the children were evaluated. It was determined that we would pursue the partnership with Gahanda as a “Connected Community” and proceed with the relationship.


Gahanda, Rwanda


March 9-18, 2017

Gahanda Primary School

Gahanda Primary School

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