Gahanda, Rwanda

Gahanda, Rwanda


Jennifer Dunn, Krystal Forsyth, Candy Laird, Mark Logan, Melissa Vanelli


To build upon the ICCM Connected Community relationship with the community and teachers of the Gahanda school. To ascertain the specific needs of the teachers and school and to bring that knowledge back to Northgate for future development.


We arrived in Kigali, Rwanda on August 16th and were greeted by Ephaste, the ICCM Director for Rwanda. We spent a good part of the first day visiting the Rwanda National Genocide Museum and then travelling to Gahanda, Rwanda.  On August 18th,  we attended Sunday morning church service and witnessed the seemingly impossible task of feeding the entire congregation through ICCM sponsorship. We visited several ICCM families and sponsor children. On Monday, we spent time observing and gathering information in the Gahanda classrooms from Preschool to Primary 6 grade. From Tuesday to Thursday our teachers from Northgate spent time getting to know the Gahanda teachers, inquiring about their specific needs in the classrooms and training with some materials and techniques that were brought along. The Northgate team assisted in two projects through ICCM: distribution of food to the families and the digging of a trench for a water line from the school through the community.  80 “Days For Girls” kits were also presented and distributed to the appropriate aged girls in the school. Before the trip ended, we were able to spend time worshiping with the teachers on “The Rock” and were also able to visit with the families of Ephaste, Gahanda FMC Pastor & School Director Alex and Bishop Samuel.


Gahanda, Rwanda


Teachers of Northgate


August 15-August 26, 2019

Gahanda Primary School

Gahanda Primary School

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