A disciple is a person who is learning and growing. When Jesus began his ministry he called people to follow him, to learn from him and to later act on his behalf in the world. That’s what it means to be a disciple. It’s something all of us who call ourselves Christians are to be.

At Northgate we “do discipleship” in a lot of ways. Worship services include times of learning and growing. Saturday night and Sunday morning we have groups that meet specifically for the purpose of discipleship and fellowship. Throughout the week more groups meet, some at the church and some in private homes. And many Northgaters are involved in personal discipleship, meeting together with one or two others in order to read the Bible, study, pray and grow. Finally, we are all expected to be reading the Bible and studying and praying individually too.

How does someone get started meeting with a group, if they are interested in doing that? The simplest way is to send an email to the office at office@northgatefmc.com

Another simple way is to join Pastor Vern on Monday nights in the Discipleship Course. This is a three-year course of study that people are welcome to join in on at any time. Over the course of those three years we cover topics like these:

Where did the Bible come from?
What does the history of Christianity look like?
What is a Free Methodist and how did it get started?
What do Christians believe?
What’s the difference between Christianity and other religions?
What are spiritual gifts?
What are the spiritual disciplines?
What is prayer and how can I grow in my prayer life?
What is each book of the Bible about and how can I better understand it?
This group is open to all people, no matter where they are in regard to their faith in Christ. If you are not yet a Christian, but want to know what it’s all about, you’re welcome! If you are a new believer in Christ – we’d love to have you! You won’t be out of place. If you have known Jesus and followed him for a long time, come on in! You may learn something new, or gain a better understanding for your beliefs, or be able to help someone else grow in their faith.

Getting started in the Discipleship Course is easy – just contact Pastor Vern to learn where we are and when the next meeting is. You can reach him at vern@northgatefmc.com