Northgate Free Methodist Church

The team meets quarterly

Serving on the Care Team at Northgate is a wonderful opportunity to share the love of Jesus. We truly are here to serve. If you have a need, or are interested in serving on the Care Team, here are some of the ways we provide care.

• Smile and engage with people as they arrive or leave Northgate, particularly those who seem a little “lost”

• Respond to the needs of anyone who may be lonely, discouraged, ill or having surgery.

• Identify visitors and assist them in finding their way around our church, based on their needs

• Pray for any Northgaters who need someone to join them in prayer

• Visit hospitals for pre-surgery prayer, to sit with family members during surgery, post-surgery visits, births and visits in rehab units

• Visit nursing homes & assisted living units

• Home visits and make calls to encourage shuts-ins, caregivers, those with long-term illness

• “Just Because” calls or visits for anyone who needs a listening ear, someone to pray with, or even to read Scripture

• Provide follow up calls during the week, to welcome new guests to Northgate

The Northgate Care Team visits, makes phone calls, sends emails, cards and notes of encouragement. We can also help you reach out to your neighbors, and family members.

If you are interested in joining the Care team or are in need of services, please email Karen VanWyngaarden at or Pastor Greg at