Vern Saile

Posted by | February 18, 2015
Top Ten – February 18th

PASTOR VERN’S TOP TEN – February 18, 2015 In an effort to enhance communication with everyone, here’s some information on things that are going on at Northgate, or coming up,...

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Posted by | February 11, 2015
Northgate Top Ten?

So… I haven’t “blogged” in a while.  I guess you can tell, huh?  But I’m going to try to get back at it, and I’m going to try something different....

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Posted by | July 24, 2014
Everyone Gets Angry, Sometimes

I tweaked the title of R.E.M’s song, “Everybody Hurts” for this blog.  Everybody hurts, sometimes.  And everybody gets angry, sometimes.  And what I love about God’s Word is that it...

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Posted by | July 10, 2014
What's Going On Behind the Curtain?

If a you’ve done business in the Northgate North office recently, you’ve noticed that it, along with the pastors’ offices, have moved.  The office area is undergoing some renovation this...

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Posted by | July 2, 2014
A Social Experiment

So… For the summer the staff of the church has moved into temporary quarters in one room of the church building.  We’re doing some remodeling and have some new things...

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Posted by | June 18, 2014
Songs and Singing

I love to sing.  I’m not saying others love to hear me sing.  My wife and kids might, but not many others.  God apparently didn’t feel I needed a gift...

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Posted by | June 12, 2014
Be Good to Your Soul

I’m an Emmylou Harris fan.  Love her music.  Here’s a piece of trivia:  Emmylou Harris once played in Batavia. There was an effort to start cheap ray bans a summer...

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Posted by | May 15, 2014
Love Does – and I Quit

<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-1017" alt="Love wholesale nfl jerseys Does" src="" width="105" height="160" /> Bob Goff – author of Love Does says that Thursday is for quitting.  Today is cheap nba jerseys Thursday...

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Posted by | April 17, 2014
Approaching Easter

If we think about Christmas and Easter in sibling terms, then I think Christmas is the oldest child and Easter is the middle child.  I mean, Christmas seems to get...

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Posted by | April 2, 2014
Love Does – Read this book!

Had an awesome experience in Monday’s staff meeting at church.  We were reading a devotional based on the book Love Does by Bob Goff.  One of Bob’s main themes is...

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