Our purpose, priorities &
who we are as a church and staff.

Our Mission…

Our mission is to “bring people to Jesus Christ, build them up in that relationship and send them out to share His love.

These are the things we consider to be most important in the way we conduct our ministry at Northgate. These values set our direction, guide our decisions and characterize our behavior and attitudes.

We value…

• The Bible as the divinely inspired word of God, for humankind, for all time

• Relationships characterized by honesty, openness and vulnerability

• Facilitating lifelong spiritual growth in followers of Jesus

• Making the gospel relevant to our culture and community

• Celebrating God and what God is doing

• Empowering people to serve through their God-given gifts

• The power of prayer

• Teaching children  and young people to know and love God


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Our church staff

Vern Saile

Senior Pastor | Email

John Keller

Pastor of Preaching & Leadership Development | Email

Marsha Rivers

Pastor of Congregational Care & Discipleship | Email

Gloria Roorda

Arbor House Lead Pastor | Email

Daniel Calkins

Next Generation Pastor | Email

Chris Landon

Arbor House Pastor of Word and Table | Email

Lukas Iverson

Technology Director | Email


Mark Logan

Director of Operations | Email

Kim Kibler

Donor Records | Email

Anthony Hoisington

Director of Worship Ministries | Email

Allison Lang

Director of Communication/Office Manager | Email

Kris Braun

Bookkeeper | Email

Katie Zimmerman

Kto4 Director | Email

Leah Lennon

Children’s Ministry Director | Email

Sherrie Staines

Receptionist | Email

Tara Blowers

Assistant Worship Leader | Email

Echo Calkins

Office Companion | Email

Our mission Bring people to Jesus Christ, build them up in that relationship and send them out to share His love