A Social Experiment

A Social Experiment

So… For the summer the staff of the church has moved into temporary quarters in one room of the church building.  We’re doing some remodeling and have some new things coming, which made this necessary.  Which means eight of us are sharing office space!  Today is Day 3 of the move, and at this point it seems to be working, but it is early Документальнй yet!

There’s a lot to be worked out when people share space.  What kind of lighting will we have?  Can incense be used?  Can music be played?  What kind?  How loud?

It’s kind of a microcosm of how things go oakley sunglasses cheap on the weekend.  Some people like the music in a worship service to be loud and fast; others want it to be soft and mellow.  Some like hymns; others gospel; others contemporary.  There are people who want the preaching to be expository, and others want topical preaching.  Should we have communion every week, once a month, twice a year?  Should we cheap nfl jerseys wholesale dress up, or dress casually?  How long should a service last?

When you think about it, it’s kind of amazing we can get past all of our individual differences and tastes to come together and worship Jesus as one body!  There’s only one way that can happen, actually.  It’s because Jesus makes it happen in us.

1 Corinthians 12:27 says, “Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of cheap football jerseys you is nfl jerseys shop a part of it.”  When we put aside our differences, Cheap nba Jerseys to be the body of Christ, amazing things can happen.  I’m glad to be part of team that can do that.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Vern

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I’m thankful to be apart of God’s family where I can enjoy and embrace the inner workings of change and how individuals can come together and work as one.

I look forward to further blogs on how all things work to His glory and see the outreach to His people.

Northgate staff Rocks!
Why do I go to church? I’m compelled to do what God has gifted and entrusted me to do. When I miss a week or even an event in which God has called me to be apart of, I feel a sense of loss and emptiness. Church is about hanging with my “forever family”.

I loved Paul and in time Andy. You have come through much more quickly and have brought something special to Northgate. Small nuances, hardly noticeable or distinguishable but I feel it and I sense it – It’s better, its fresh, Northgate is being renewed. The sermons are wonderfully expanded. I’m so glad you came back.

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